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oxynorm addiction
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oxynorm addiction

I was prescribed oxynorm in hosp a year ago. I take 17 x 10mg capsules as i suffer imflammatory bowel disease. Uce had 5 ops for twisted bowels and now the adhesions are causing bowel obstructions. Im awaiting bowel surgery at st marks hosp in harrow. The hosp i was in last year attempted bowel surgery but aborted it as my bowel is in very bad condition. Im worried about the nasty withdrawals from oxynorm.
Can anyone put my mind at rest?
Thanks and hello guys im new to the site. Im hoping to be able to converse with people that understand. Addiction is a bloody lonely thing so anyone who would like to be mates and share horror stories im ya girl!
Big hello to all of u.
Beccy x
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There are so many new medical approaches for detoxification or withdrawal control nowadays. With all your medical issues, maybe you can discuss with your doctors your concerns and start a titrating plan once the surgeries are behind you. Be careful with your tolerance level. If you keep going higher , it will make it harder to come off. Maybe you can maintain a minimum comfortable dose.
I know is not easy to maintain a low dose, but well worth it in the end.
Thanks for your detailed+v helpful reply. I realise that theres nothing I can do presently until after my recovery from surgery. I was told to take17 per dY and although it seems high
I am in so much pain. I have a very high pain threshold+the oxynorm dose that I have are not in large enough volume to ease the pain. I have tried to decrease the qty taken but the pain is even worse. I can withstand pain I broke both femurs knees+feet in a car crash in 1986 when I was 16. They said Id never walk again but fought the pain+had two metal rods inserted 40 inches in length. I was in hosp for 3 weeks. I think of that daily 2 prove to myself that there is nothing I cannot overcome. Ive been told that the withdrawals from oxynorm are dreadful but Ill do it!
Ill update you after my bowel op. Is this site for americans only do you mind that Im from England? What an excellent website reading about people with similar problems+thanks 4 your help.
Kind regards Beccyx
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