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suboxone withdrawl
i missed my methadone dose so i took a suboxone and it sent me into instant withdrawl is there anything i can do or take to feel better
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Probably over now-- precipitated withdrawal is MISERABLE, but never lasts too long.  The answer for others is that you should just take your daily dose of Suboxone-- if you were started on Suboxone-- and you'll be OK in a day or two.  For a person in THIS situation-- on methadone--  you should stop taking Suboxone (or any other nonprescribed meds) and take your REGULAR methadone dose, and you'll be fine in a day or so.  DO NOT TRY TO OVERCOME THE SUBOXONE BY TAKING A HUGE DOSE OF METHADONE OR OXYCODONE-- DOING THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS.

You CAN take clonidine t reduce the withdrawal--  and even benzos if under the watch of a doctor, who can monitor and avoid respiratory depression.
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