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Contaminated Steroid Injections
This information is FYI - consult your doctor if you have concerns and what is the correct medication for your case. I got this via an Alert from the NADF.

"With sincere gratitude to Jennifer Knapp of Adrenal Insufficiency United, we are able to inform you of instances of contaminated preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate. It has been confimed that the injectable glucocorticoid was contaminated with the fungus Aspergillus, and has caused cases of meningitis, some of which are proving to be antibiotic resistant. Two people have died from the infection.

While information is sketchy, it appears this contaminated injectable glucocorticoid was compounded by a pharmacy in Tennessee for use by hospitals and care facilities.

All of the questionable medication has been recalled and returned to the compounding pharmacy it was obtained from, so being given this medication to treat adrenal crisis should hopefully prove to be impossible.

Although it's not likely, if you have this compounded medication from Tennessee in your possession, please return it to the place where you got it, and ask your prescribing doctor to prescribe Pfizer's Solu-Cortef® (hydrocortisone) instead. (NADF Medical Director Paul Margulies, MD, FACE, FACP's choice for appropriate adrenal crisis care injectable medication.)

Here is a link to the story: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/03/health/meningitis-cases-are-linked-to-steroid-injections.html?_r=1&"
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