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Adrenal Question

How do I know if I have an adrenal problem?
I have tested posted for Hashi and Graves antibodies but my actual thyroid numbers are all other the place and I have symptoms of both hyper and hypo. Am on no thyroid meds at this time. Tried Levo for 2 weeks in Feb and it made me sicker so I quit taking them.
I am postmensual so I guess my adernal gland is the only thing produce my other hormones. My progestesterone, testosterone are high. My total estrogens are over 4 times the upper range. My DHEA was high but came back into high normal.
Cortisol morning ranges from lowest 10.6-30.6 and numbers in between. Ref range 2,5-25.00 (But they keep using random cortisol range even thou they are done at 8am) Don't know if the ranges are different for AM draws.
Had 2 late afternoon cortisols and they were 6.3 and 16.3. (Same random ref ranges) and not the same days as the mornings one.
Could someone help me understand this?
Thanks for any help.
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T4 meds take time to build up - that is why you cannot test for 6 weeks after you take them. So 2 weeks is not enough. And it sometimes can take a lot of time to hit the right dose.

The adrenals only produce a certain set of hormones - as far as androgens it produces DHEA. If yours is higher then it should also be raising your estrogen and testosterone as well as that is all it does - it converts to those hormones.

Cortisol is different at 8am - it should be highest at 8am - so the lab is weird for using a random range when it should be using a morning range. Cortisol has to be tested only at certain times to be diagnostic - I would complain to the lab manager as the tech is coding wrong. Afternoon testing is not very useful. However that 16.3 more indicates a loss of rhythm and points more to Cushing's (high cortisol) than low. Cortisol should be dropping not rising.

Have they checked other hormones - ACTH, sodium, renin, aldosterone. LH, FSH, sex binding hormones etc - to get the whole picture?
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ACTH, Resin, LH, FSH, Sex binding hormones-No
Sodium every time.

In August 2012
DHEA 12.6 (1.3-9.8)
Aldosterone 10.7 (4.8-31.0)
Cortisol 30.9 (2.5-25.0) The random range
Testostrone  68.6  (2.9-40.8)
Progestrone 0.75  (0.10-0.80)
Esradiol  16.37    (<5.00-54.70)
Sodium  134  (133-145)

October (only repeated some)
DHEA  7.8  (1.8-12.5) Same lab-they changed the values
Cortisol  10.6  (Same random range)
Testosterone 69,2  (Same Ref ranges)
Sodium 135  (Same ranges)

Dec 18 (only did some again)
DHEA  8.7 (1.3-9.8)
Cortisol 20.6 (2.5-25.0)
Testosterone - Ordered but not done
Progesterone .88 (0,10-0.80)
Estrogen, Total  146  (less than 40) (E1 plus E2)?
Sodium 134 (133-145)

Dec 27 (Late afternoon)
Cortisol 6.3 (Same 'random ranges)
Testosterone 46.9 (Same ranges)
Sodium 139 (Same ref ranges)

Should I get all these tests drawn at the same time, same day?
My dr does the bloodwork herself and sends it out. I don't go to the lab.
Does this mess point to an adernal problem that could minic thyroid issues or do they co-exist?
I read that adernal problems can cause a problem with thyroid meds.  Do you feel that is true? Do you believe in the BP and eye test at home for adernal problems?
Example, it 5;00pm here and I'm wiped out. I have to do things either early or after an early afternoon nap. Asleep by 8:30pm most every night. Felt the same at the afternoon Cortisol draw of 6.3. I don't work or do much either to cause it.
Thanks so much

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Your doc, IMHO, is not doing enough baseline testing to figure anything out. There is not one single loop done  (signaler to signalee) to figure out any source of the issue.

Testing for cortisol has to be at certain times to be diagnostic. Re adrenal and thyroid - some have both, some do not. I don't believe in those tests.

Fatigue is a non-specific thing - it can be caused by so many things so it can take so much to really figure out what the cause can be.
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