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Could this be adrenal insufficency?
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Could this be adrenal insufficency?

I can't tell if I have something to be worried about or I'm just paranoid. I've had low blood pressure since I remember seeing a doctor at 16 years old, 90/60, and now (I'm 25) 90/55. I've often had fatigue, but since I also have an axiety disorder, sometimes it causes depression symptoms, so it's hard to tell the difference.

A couple years ago I was losing weight inexplicably (from about 110 to 98 lbs, gaining it back, losing it again, within a few weeks)), they tested for thyroid problems and diabetes and a million other things but they found nothing.

I recently had a lot of pain in my abdomen and vomiting, they thought I had appendicitis and did some tests. They told me they found nothing, but I got a copy of the results:

CET mmol/L moderate (1.5 - 4.9) normal: <.5

WBC 11 normal: 4-10
RBC 4 normal: 4.5 - 5.9
Hb g/l 129 normal: 120 - 160
Neu% 0.76 normal: .4 -.7
Lym% 0.17 normal: .22 -.44
Neu# 8.3 normal: 1.6 - 7

GGT 4 normal: 7- 20
ALP 33 normal: 44-111

Na 137 (normal: 135 - 145)
K 5.1 (normal: 3.5 - 5.1)

Particularily the Sodium and Potassium are borderline. But keep in mine I had been sick, vomited, and not eaten much since, these tests were done over 2 days.

Most of the other symptoms associated with Adrenal Fatigue/Insufficency I've had for such a long time, like hypersensitivity to cold, non-refreshing sleep, being most energetic in the evenings especially, and most recently digestive issues (gastritis w/o diarrhea, possible ulcer) and strong cravings for salt and sweets, which Ive never had before in my life.

Am I over-reacting? I'm worried beause I have upcoming surgery, which is already stressing the hell out of me so i'm sure it might be playing a factor, but also since adrenal insufficiency can be dangerous for surgery its making me even more worried.
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Your doctor did not run tests that cover adrenal issues. The sodium and potassium though do give a hint. If you look at them - the sodium is at the low end and the potassium is at the high end - they should be more in the middle.

A little about a crisis - addison's crisis - that happens when sodium drops and potassium spikes. The sodium cravings are a hint that something is up and the low blood pressure is a clue that you need more sodium - which will help the potassium as well.

Tests that you need are cortisol (at the proper time), ACTH, renin, aldosterone, adrenal antibodies, more sodium and potassium testing and once they have established something - a stimulation test. You need a good endocrinologist that knows the adrenals so it can be addressed properly and you can get on the replacements you need (usually cortef and florinef maybe other items too) and get a good emergency kit and get schooled on stress dosing so you can get through surgeries and illness with no issue. As well you would need a medic alert bracelet or the like.

You need to get the testing done before the surgery because a body without proper response will not heal. There are some links in the health pages to read up on and some may help you find some doctors as well.
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