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Iam Elena, 28 years old, and i had blood tests recently to check my hormones since I suspects to have hypotheroism.
My results are:

Cortisol (morning): 33,9 μg/dl (normal levels: 4,3 - 22,4)
CA 125:   9,6 IU/ml (normal levels: up to 35)
TSH:    1,970  μIU/ml (normal levels: 0,270-4,200)
FT3:     6,9 pmol/L (normal levels 3,1 - 6,8)
FT4:    17,0 pmol/L (normal levels 10,3 - 25,7)
ΑΘΑ-Τ(anti-TG) : <10,0 IU/ml (normal levels <115)
ΑΘΑ-M: 12,5 IU/ml (normal levels <100)
FSH: 6,7 mIU/ml
PRL : 22,3 ng/ml
LH:   9,2 mIU/ml
E2: 75,4 pg/ml

Besides the blood test they found with an ultrasound test that i have some cysts on my left breast and
some erea that cannot be diagnosed by an ultra sound emamination.
Additionally, I want to say that i have some symptoms such as:
I feel very cold having my legs and arms colder than other parts of my body when all the others in the same place feel hot
I have neck and back pain for the last 4 years and many times my wrists pain wjen i use my hands normally.
I bruise easily and i feel pain when someone puts pressure on several parts of my body.
I feel tired even though i have enough sleep and get tired very easily when i am doing something.
I feel weakness on the musle of my arms .
I took some kilos the last years that i am not able to get rid of them, especially on the upper part of the body.

I am taking control birth pills (yasminelle) foe several years.

I had a car accident 5 years ago and I injured my wrists, therefore noone found something very serious when i did several MRIs on my arms and neck. but i have still the pain and weakness.

I want to ask if i could have cushing's taking into consideration all  my syntpoms or if those symtoms (symptoms) are a coincidence.
Please i need an answer since when i asked my gynecologist when i mentioned cusnhing's without having any chance to tell him my symptoms of pain he said forget about this and he perscibrd to do the above tests.

Thank you in advance

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Hi!  It's my guess that you don't live in the U.S., so haven't any idea what access you have to books and journals regarding health issues, or whether you have health food stores as we have here.  Massage and accupressure, coupled with exercise that is going to help your situation, not make it worse, would be a good start, plus chiropractic care, if it's available where you live.  Read, read, read.  Check out the internet.  Get involved in health forums on several websites.  If you have a health food store, seek answers there.  More than 15 years ago, I had carpal tunnel diagnosed by three different doctors (including one who has transplanted hands), but refused surgery, because I've yet to meet anyone who's had it and been 100% afterwards.  I learned, quite by accident, to hold my arms out to the sides, then shake and shake and shake my hands; then shake some more.  Sometimes a loose ring will shake off, so watch your jewelry!For the past 25 years I've been a data entry clerk, and believe that the hand shaking, (spinning around and around at the wrists, as though you've burned your hand) has allowed me to keep my job (not sure that's a plus!, but the paycheck's good).  You might try it.  You will definitely feel the increased circulation.  For many years I have been doing that several times a day.

Drink plenty of water to prevent weakness and fatigue, allow toxins to leave your body, and contribute to weight control.

Also, massage your own body in all the places that you can reach.  I don't mean to just rub; massage, gradually using more strength.  You may have scar tissue that can benefit from massage.  Perhaps you and a partner can take turns massaging each other.  You can find books for home chiropractic, if you don't have access to a chiropractor, but you'll need a partner; again, you can work on each other.  Standing in a hot shower, letting the hot water beat on your neck, bending forward, and letting  it beat on your spine and lower back feels great and makes you more pliable for exercises or massage.  Find restful music to listen to, especially at bedtime.  Get comfortable.  Take a deep breath.  As you exhale, tighten your whole body into the area just above your pubic bone.  Think of wadding yourself into a tiny ball.   Don't let go.  Concentrate on shoving your upper body into that spot, and pulling your legs into that spot.  Your muscles may complain, so don't overdo it the first night.  You'll have to breathe several times while you imagine yourself shrinking into this tiny little ball.  When you just can't shrink any more, hold this position with your breath all exhaled as long as you can.  Now, s-l-o-w-l-y, let go, while s-l-o-w-l-y taking a deep breath.  Your muscles should be thrilled to go limp, totally relaxed.  Take in all the air that you can---then take in a little more---then a little more.  Hold it as long as you can, then s-l-o-w-l-y let go, and let go, and push it all out. And give another push to totally exhale.  If you're not asleep at that point, then repeat the s-l-o-w inhaling and s-l-o-w exhaling, concentrating upon doing it slowly and upon taking in as much air as you can, and slowly pushing it all out.  Make this your night time ritual, and you'll get to sleep very quickly.  Another thing that works on the muscles, is to lie as flat as you can on the bed or floor (can't do it in the recliner or on the couch), and think about balling yourself up into the small of your back.  You'll get to the point that from a flat position on the floor, you'll be in a back bend.  If you do it to the extreme you head and feet will touch.  Honest!  Sometimes when my gym students did this they would fall asleep after they s-l-o-w-l-y came out of the back bend and down on to the gym floor again.  My son was hyper, and I'd challenge him to do a back bend quicker than I could, with our heads and feet touching, and nap time was a snap!  I'm no doctor, but I've had several of your symptoms, and know that a pinched nerve can cause weakness, pain, and parts of the body to be colder than others.  Hopefully, some of these techniques can bring relief to you.

Easy bruising suggests that you need lots more Vitamin C.  Weakness and fatigue can also be signs of poor nutrition.  Research the vitamins and minerals that are needed for good health and analyze what you're taking into your system.  A lack of minerals can cause fatigue and muscle weakness.  Get the best veggies you can, and eat lots of them!  Look into the connection between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats and weight loss.  Also, the current word seems to be that getting more sleep will help to lose weight.

Become well educated about the thyroid and adrenal glands, and the illnesses that occur when they're not in tip-top shape.  Then you'll be able to decide what type of doctor you need to find, and you'll go in well prepared.  Many doctors recognize only Addison's or Cushing's, but no problems in between.  Adrenal Fatigue, by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D, would be a good book for you.

Best wishes!
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You need to find a good neuro-endocrinologist and find the source of the high cortisol (be it adrenal, pituitary or other) and remove it. I had Cushing's disease which is the pituitary source and it is not a disease to be messed with and sad to say, it cannot be treated with anything other than surgery at this time. I did try. I only got sicker and now I am disabled.
The bruising and weight gain as well as weakness etc. are symptoms - you also need more blood and urine tests and MRIs to see what is up. You have not had an ACTH to help you determine source.
I was also put on birth control - it actually just flubs up the testing. You are really much sicker.
Do research on Cushing's disease and you will see.
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