Loss of under arm hair caused by?
by PhotoGirl54, Sep 26, 2011
I've posted my question and paid twice but am not receiving an answer?  Are you unable to see my post or have I done something incorrectly?  I was asking what can cause the loss of under arm hair, then followed by loss of leg and arm hair , ( limb hair may be result of lupus attacking arm skin as it has white spots throughout from loss of pigmentation) then followed by loss of most pubic hair?  Please refer to the detailed medical history which I included in my post to the left. I hope u can tell me what possibilities I need to consider. Thank you. PhotoGirl54
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by diianna, Sep 27, 2011
Hi PhotoGirl

I'm having the same issue.  People with hypopituitarism has risk of losing arm pit, pubic hair.  

The endo checked these two parts of my body, two different endos on two different occasions. I was wondering why..... I was not having cervic cancer or skin disease or something.  I didn’t ask…idk…maybe too much wondering why they did that until I forgot to ask.  

Sometime later, I came across in the internet that hypopituitarism can cause these hairs to fall. Seems that low thyroid and low adrenal plays the role. Slow metabolic caused by low thyroid is said to affect the growth and cycle of the hair,  whilst low GH because of low adrenal affect the growth of the hair, just like how it affect growth on bones, muscles.


by rumpledBlank, Sep 27, 2011
Hair loss is a difficult issue. It can be auto-immune, hormonal or other - so you really need to see a doctor or several to try to get to the bottom of it.
by twopack, Oct 10, 2011