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Sex and the Adrenal Glade Pain
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Sex and the Adrenal Glade Pain

I've been dealing with a pain in my left back side for years now. It comes and goes. I have been high on stress my whole life and for the past year I've been dealing with fatigue, dizziness, fogged brain, headaches, blurred vision and tinnitus. When the pain is either not present or minimum if I have sex then that pain gets bad. Is it possible I have a fatigues Adrenal Gland and after depleting it because of sex or other reasons that it causes the AG to hurt. What tests are best to check?

Lately I have been dealing with terrible pressure in my head and vertigo. When I go to a higher altitude it gets better. Which makes sense as the weight of the pressure is less. I can tell it's all related. But Drs don't really want to listen. Any advise will greatly be apprciated.

Has anyone experienced this?


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Adrenal issues need to be diagnosed by lab tests. You have to find an endo to test you properly.
But it may not be adrenal at all. It could be so many things. The fact that you feel better at higher altitudes may point to ears. Have you seen an ENT? It could also be many other hormones as well.

What testing have you had, if any?
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Over the past couple years Doctors have run many blood tests but none that I am aware of for the adrenal gland. I believe I need to go in for blood work.

Back in Sept. 09 I had a TSH of  0.51 and then I requested T3 and T4 done.
Free T3 was 3.05 and Free T4 was 0.97. TSH was slightly low but in all seemed normal says the report. But I didn't feel as bad then as I do now.

I also had several blood tests done back then.  
Once called CBC Which
White Blood Cell Count 5.5 (4.0-11.0) K/uL  
Red Blood Cell Count 4.80 (4.40-6.00) M/uL  
Hemoglobin 14.6 (13.5-18.0) g/dL  
Hematocrit 44.6 (40.0-52.0) %  
MCV 93 (80-100) fL  
MCH 30.4 (27.0-33.0) pg  
MCHC 32.7 (31.0-36.0) g/dL  
RDW 13.5 (<16.4)-  %  
Platelet Count 339 (150-400) K/uL  
Differential Type Automated    
Neutrophil % 54 (49.0-74.0) %  
Lymphocyte % 28 (26.0-46.0) %  
Monocyte % 11 (2.0-12.0) %  
Eosinophil % 6 (0.0-5.0) % H
Basophil % 1 (0.0-2.0) %  
Abs. Neutrophil 3.1 (2.0-8.0) K/uL  
Abs. Lymphocyte 1.5 (1.0-5.1) K/uL  
Abs. Monocyte 0.6 (0.0-0.8) K/uL  
Abs. Eosinophil 0.3 (0.0-0.5) K/uL  
Abs. Basophil 0.0 (0.0-0.2) K/uL

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To the best of my knowledge, not one of those tests tell you anything about the adrenal gland or any other hormone.

They did not even run a CMP - comprehensive metabolic panel - which has a bit more - at least has sodium, potassium - and that can give a clue.

TSH is a pituitary test - if it was low - they should have done more testing as other hormones could have been suppressing it. That is, if your endo had any brains. You may have been in range so that was all they cared about - lacking antibody tests, and ranges, and any other tests, hard to tell anything.

If you can get more tests, do. But your symptoms are general - so it may be hard to pinpoint it down to one system.
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