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Urine 24h test
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Urine 24h test

I live in Italy, so I have no possibility to do saliva test.
Is 24h urine test a useful test for adrenal fatigue?

I have the result of my laboratory:

24h URINARY CORTISOL 39.00 µg/24h [4.3 - 176]

From what I see, I'm in the range, maybe low normal but I don't know if is there a connection with adrenal fatigue.
What's your opinion?
Please, can someone help me, my endocrinologist say I haven't problem but I have a lot of anxiety.
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I did the 24 urine test many times to determine my cortisol levels. Being an average test, it does tell you if you fall in the "normal" but it cannot tell you if you fall outside the normal range (either high or low) during that time.

I would also like to say that one test is not or should not be diagnostic. I am not a doctor but a patient and my tests vary quite a bit - so you have to have a few to really see where you are over time to see how you are.

I have had both elevated cortisol (Cushing's syndrome) and low - my adrenals have been removed and quite a few symptoms overlap.

Sadly, anxiety as a symptom is too general to attribute to one disease - it can be attributed to many so without any other symptoms, it would be hard to say it is adrenal. Low adrenal issues would also mean you have low sodium and potassium abnormalities - it is a salt-wasting disease. So you would have to have that issue as well at some time.
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Hi rumpled,
I thought that low scores mean adrenal fatigue or Addinson but this range is wide and as you say it tells only that I'm in the range.

You are right, anxiety is a symptom that has more than one cause but I'm thinking about adrenal fatigue because of this problem:
- 1 year of chronic hives, now I don't have hives but 3 years ago I start to be fatigued than I had hives and 1 panic attack, then chronic anxiety
- I have done the temperature test and I have low morning temperature, 97.2° (although during the day I have 98,25°)
- I'm apathetic and tired but tyrosine make me very energetic.

This is my blood exam:
TSH 2.867 uIU/mL [0.250 - 4.500]
FT4 1.13 ng/dL [0.70 - 1.70]
FT3 4.00 pg/mL [2.00 - 4.00] *
VITAMIN B12 583 pg/mL [189 - 883]
VITAMIN D 34.60 ng/mL
VITAMIN B6 36.00 µg/L [3.6 - 18] *

DHEA-s 2796 µg/L [200 - 4900] blood
PROGESTERONE 0.6 ng [< 0.5]*
TESTOSTERONE 3.25 ng/mL [1.66 - 8.77]
FREE TESTOSTERONE 10.4 pg/mL [16.0 - 41.0] *
ESTRADIOL 13 pg/mL [11 - 44] *
DHT 330 pg/mL [300 - 1060] *
SHBG 24.3 nmol/L [10 - 70]
LH 1.94 mUI/ml [0.8 -7.6]
FSH 4.48 mUI/ml [0.7 - 11.1]

What I see is that I have low testosterone and low libido but I can't understand the reason.
My anxiety have this symptom:
-restlessness, I can't sit still and I move legs on the chair
-twitching tongue, due to tension
-internal tension
-stiff neck
-overactive mind, I have often music in the head
-perfectionism and ocd tendency
-underarm sweating

I see improvement with tryptophan but when anxiety starts, I have all the symptom as I can't shut down my adrenaline.
What do you think?

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Not a doc... and I am not a follower of the adrenal fatigue school.

Hives is an allergic reaction. Panic attacks happen. Everyone's temperature is lower in the morning when you wake up - and women vary when they ovulate too - but I don't see that as a sign of illness just the body doing its normal thing.

I feel sweating is normal (isn't that why they sell products for it?) and some of the other symptoms you list are anxiety related. Perhaps you should treat your anxiety?

The low T and low libido are an issue. Can you get a doctor to treat you? Low T could make you tired.

And no, you cannot control your adrenaline. Ever. If anyone could than people with allergies or say, hives, could say hey I need it and it would shut down the allergies. Tyrosine is a form of adrenaline. No wonder it makes you energetic! It would make anyone - but it is a temporary form of energy. It could also turn on you and make you anxious as well.
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Hi there,

My family has a lot of thyroid issues...isn't the new upper TSH limit 3? Your Free T4 is the highest in the limits too. Did the doctor mention these?
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