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Why is Cortisol dangerous?
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Why is Cortisol dangerous?

I don't understand how cortisol has such amazing and devastating effects to the human body.

I'm currently battling a chronic Lyme disease infection with other infections to boot.  I've become aware after suffering hypothyroid-like symptoms that I likely have a serious adrenal insufficiency problem (which Lyme is notorious for causing).

Well, Prednisolone in the past was wonderful for me.  It masked all my symptoms, and I had a normal life.  But, of course when I get off of the corticosteroids, the dream becomes a nightmare -- the infection got worse.

I understand that part, but if I have an adrenal insufficiency problem, it makes sense that a synthetic hormone like prednisolone made everything better.. It fed the adrenal's what they needed right?  I mean, my hair was growing back on prednisolone, my skin looked better  than ever, and I had absolutely no allergies.

Well, I can't be on Prednisolone...I know this..  But, if I have an adrenal insuffiency issue than WHAT do I use to help my adrenals if I can't use Prednisolone?  This confuses me greatly.
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It is all in how you use it. Cortisol in of itself is not dangerous - it is a very necessary part of the human body. However, if you take replacements, the adrenals shut down and it can take some work to get them to wake up again. If the adrenals are not working, that situation is dangerous. Unfortunately, doctors are focused on the anti-inflammatory actions of corticosteroids and with lyme as well as many other diseases, they give high doses of steroids over time with no care or thought to the adrenals or even making the people Cushingoid. It also takes the immune system down.

But now if you have AI as a result of the steroids shutting down your adrenals, well, sadly, you have to turn to the same medications now to live. Usually the medication of choice is hydrocortisone as that is more like what the body makes.  So the answer is hydrocortisone until the long acting hydrocortisone comes out.

But you will still need monitoring, as well as you may need florinef and a high salt diet.
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