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adernal deficiency
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adernal deficiency

I have just been told  that I am adernal is low.  Following being sick for a month, with pneumonia and having carbon monoxide poisoning.  

I am type 2 diabetic but controlled with diet and exercise.  I really don't want to go on hydrocortisol a steroid and mess with my blood sugarall the time.

Any of you had same problem.  

Can't see an endrocondrologist til april?

Need some advise.  Main symptom is just aching in arms and legs.  Which can follow the pneumonia and the poisoning so another Dr told me.

Don't know what to do
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How were you tested for your adrenals? It takes quite a bit of testing, not just one test so it can be rather complex to know.

If you have had testing that is significant and your situation is dire - as low adrenal function can be life threatening - your primary care doctor should be able to get the endo to see you on an emergency basis and sooner.

I can understand your concern about steroids and blood sugar. In general, the doses given for adrenal replacement are low - and should not boost blood sugar much unlike doses given for other reasons which can be quite high and yes, will raise blood sugar a lot. The dose is typically broken into two or three times a day as well - so for example 20mg is taken total - over 2 or 3 dosage periods.

Aching can be a symptom, but AI is a salt wasting disease. Is your sodium low?

Do you get copies of your testing?
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I have had low blood sugar symptoms for years--without a real diagnosis--until a lot of blood testing by my endo finally showed mild hypoglycemia. I have secondary AI.  When I first went on hydrocortisone, it did raise my fasting blood sugar levels--but oave a short period of time them seemed to level out to where i have normal fasting glucose levels.  My A1c tests come back with normal ranges, too.

Hopefully your body will adjust to it the same way my body has---i realize my blood sugar is low, and yours is high, but I think sometimes it is just a matter of adjusting to new medications.
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You don't say if your CO poisoning was ever treated.  
if not, I urge you to get tested and treated as CO effects can last years and even decades unless/until treated.
[key CO abnormailities are LOW art-ven gaps in O2SAT, PO2, PCO2, and COHb]
for more info, see

while AI and CO share many symptoms in the medical literature, they are  distinguished by sensory hypervigilance or multi-sensory sensitivity, which is caused only by CO poisoning.

Albert Donnay, MHS
consulting toxicologist
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Yes my co was treated in the er with lots of oxygen. Til levels were back normal.

Thanks for advice
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