chest pain with HC
by sblakegood, Oct 28, 2013
Hi folks; I've been taking 90 mg of Armour (30mg x3) and 20 mg of Cortef every day for the past 3 years. Dose was raised for the birth of my daughter and post partum. Now back down. For the past few months I've gotten serious chest pain on my left side.  It appears to be associated with the Cortef.  My cardiologist did did an echo/cardiogram and she said my heart was fine.  She thinks it might be referred gastric pain.  But it really feels like my heart and/or some muscoloskeletal muscles in and around.

Anyone have this before?

SG (female/49)
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by rumpledBlank, Oct 29, 2013
How much did you raise up and how did you drop? Weaning causes a lot of muscle pain!

I recently came down with gastritis myself with all my replacements. Ugh.