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hashimotos's and adrenal insufficiency
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hashimotos's and adrenal insufficiency

  Iv'e had hashimoto's for 20+ years,with many ups and downs with my thyroid.I have never been tested for adrenal fatigue.For the last year,Iv'e had many stressors including illness,but what is happening now is,I'm getting these "adrenaline rushes" that are debilitating,which includes feeling fainty,impending doom,nausea,sweating and my blood pressure shoots up during these events.I'm on beta blockers too.The last time this happened my tsh was 15,but t4 was normal.These body rushes are worse in the morning.My question is,could this be adrenal fatigue,bordering on addison's?I've read Dr wilson's adrenal book and it's very good,I just haven't heard of anyone with these 'rushes'.PS,I'm not menopausal yet,these rushes are not hot flashes,it's more like adrenaline rushes,it's so terrible when it happens.Any suggestions?Thanks
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When your adrenals are insufficient, your blood pressure drops, not rises.
Sounds like your cortisol is rising, not dropping.
The fatigue caused by low or high cortisol feels about the same (I know, I had high cortisol, then my adrenal were removed). I also have hashimoto's.
Seems like you need testing.
You and your doctor should be looking at a complete hormonal panel. I know you said that you are not menopausal yet - but the mixture of ranges can be causing a problem.

About a year ago I had my cortisol levels check by a one time blood draw at 8am - I "scored" a 10.3 on a reference range of 3-23. The doc concluded I had no adrenal disfunction but in reality I was low. ( taken in consideration of the morning draw)

Since then I had a 24 hour saliva panel that is calculated throughout the day. This did show adrenal distress. My symptoms were similiar to yours. I had high anxiety in the early morning - "OK" through the day - and towards the evening around 7pm it started all over again. I stored cortisol and weight piled on me in a very short time.

I started treatment of adrenal support off Dr Wilson's book with my doctors advice -  and with help from other adrenal fatigue sufferers. It has paid off.

Having hashimoto's hypothyroid - as I do too - causes an aray of early "symptoms" for hormonal imbalance. Estrogen dominance ( early undetectable perimenopause on blood work) and insulin resistance is common for Hashi patients. As we age the depletion of hormones that kept us balanced naturally goes away and when that happens it invites the antibodies to regain strength to deplete the system. Then the cycle of hypothyroidism will start - the metobolism will slow - and cortisol will start to store along with insulin.

Looking at the full FSH - LH panel of women in the Luteal phase of their cycle is important. Estrodiol and Progestrone levels need to be looked at as an individual phase and not by just measuring them in a reference range. If the level of Estrodiol is not balanced in the Progestrone level for you then you can be off and experience symptoms that can be confused as hypothyroidism or adrenal distress.

If you find there is an unbalance there and Estrodiol is higher for you - then the storing of cortisol is going to happen and the adrenals are kicking in to support that imbalance.

The longer your adrenals are forced to "make up" for what you are lacking elsewhere will cause them to tire and fall short of working as they are intended. Most commonly there is a root cause for the adrenals to work harder. It is not common for them to just start functioning abnormally on their own for no reason.

What are your latest labs for your thyroid testing?  Has your script changed recently?

Have your been checked for and depletion of Vit's or minerals?

Addison's and Cushing's are the most common Dx's when it comes to adrenals - they are very hard to prove and in the realm of things - pretty rare.  - but most doctors will only look at those diseases and rarely look at Adrenal fatigue as an issue. Once ruled out for Addison's and Cushings - usually nothing else is looked at to support your adrenal issue as the cause of your symptoms and to examine the rest of the system for causes of why the adrenals may have been overworked.  

Thanks for the info,I haven't been checked for adrenal stuff at all.I feel like my thyroid is low cause I'm freezing,but if I try to bump up my meds,I get horrible rushes and feel wretched.My mornings are the worst and i'm awake at night,sweating,rushes and anxiety,although it's not every night,but it is every morning.I have been blaming this on thyroid,but I think it's adrenal.I'll arrange for a cortisol saliva test,but since I'm between jobs,I don't have insurance,so I can't see a dr right now.thanks for your help and anymore info is much appreciated.
If you need to - you can order the tests on ZRT labs website and also they are available at www canaryclub com

Thye may be cheaper doing it that way and taking the results into the doctor.
I am taking Adrenal support capsules I got from my local health food store I have been on them 2 weeks now and I feel so much better simply went online and looked up Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue ,I try not to go the Doctor route , I  do appreciate other poeple have to and some things need testing but I have had too many misdiagnosis and side effects, to last me a life time.So I dont tell you not to go for testts or the Doctors office I am telling you there is another way., also.
  are you following dr wilson's adrenal fatigue formula?or is there different adrenal capsules to try?I had such a rough nite last nite that I had to take ativan to get thru.I can tell when my thyroid is too low,but I can't bump up my meds even a smidgen or I get worse symptoms.Did you get any side effects from starting those adrenal capsules?I know there is a connection between the thyroid and adrenals,but i don't want to aggrivate one and make the other worse.I don't know what to do....or if I'm going to survive this one,I really feel like I'm going to die when I have these rushes.I need to see a dr,i guess,but i really don't have much faith in them.I went to a naturapath one time and he took me off my thyroid pills,which resulted in a tsh of 50,and just about did me in,so needless to say,I don't believe in them either.Anymore advice would be helpful,thanks.
For you I would say ask your Doctor  before changing anything,I have no side effects that are bad ,only good I have more energy and focus than I have had in a good while and the aches and pains have gone I have been on the Adrenal support for just over 2 weeks, , I am lucky to have a health store nearby that has technicians to help you and do print outs ,I have had no tests I do all my own research and go by how I feel. I had all the classic symptoms of either low Thyroid or Adrenal Fatigue.The caps I am taking are Solaray ,raw gland concentrate,you can take 2 a day I take one , I also take one DHEA tablet and 4 drops of Kelp (iodine) liquid. So far so good I hope it continues, I also dont sleep very well and am still battling that one and I have Hives and am also researching that one.
I saw Stella post that her coritsol was actually low, due to the time of day (morning) that she tested.  

What time of day is recommended for cortisol testing?  These are my upcoming tests and I want to make sure I have accuracte results.

dex suppression: Cortisol Serum (to be done seperately from the below tests)

Aldosterone, Serum
CBC w/ auto diff
Cortisol Serum
DHEA Sulfate
17-Hydroxyprogesterone, Serum
IGF-I (Somatomedin-C)
Plasma Renin Activity
Testosterone, Free and Total
Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy
T4, Free
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Hemoglobin A1C
Lipid Panel
Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio
T3, Free

24 hour urine Cortisol to be done seperate

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