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low fsh+low lh
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low fsh+low lh

hi, i am 42 y , i have my mens on time but black to dark brown discharge. i want to my gyno doctor and he asked me to do tests
prolactin normal
tsh normal
pth normal
p hcg neg less than 1.2
lh low 0.14
fsh low 1.2
what that means? he asked me to do tests for hypothalamus
is it means something this result ?
pleas help
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LH and FSH are pituitary tests. So for them to be low means something is wrong - but I kinda don't agree with the gyne in that issues are more common in the gland itself (which was not tested or not listed) or the pituitary itself - and more could be done. Hypothalmic issues do happen, but they are the least common so you usually go for the most common to the least.

So I would get your PCP to run tests on estrogen and testosterone (all of them), dhea as it is precursor, sex binding hormone (which may be included if your doc runs bio-available testosterone)... as well as cortisol, prolactin and growth hormone. Repeat the first set of tests too.

They should also do imaging - I assume your gyne has ruled out anything female so they may have to do a pituitary MRI.

With so little data, there is not enough information to make a conclusion - only cause to take more testing. BTW the gyne did a horrible job testing your thyroid - you need at least the free T3 and free T4 to test what the actual gland is doing.
hi i made estradiol and repeat test it shows low level of LH+FSH and low estradiol
i mamde brain MRI which showed normal and indicated secondary amenorrhea
my gyn suggest to start hormonal tab called estradiol valerate 2mg+norgestrel 0.5 after getting my period when i finish my pils microgynon
Do you understand the difference between primary and secondary?
Primary would be that the ovaries would be the issue. Secondary means that the pituitary is the issue.

Hormones work in loops - so the doctor can tell the source of the issue as they can see that the pituitary is not signally the ovaries with LH and FSH (both are low) and the ovaries in turn are not receiving any signal so are not answering with any estrogen.

I can tell you that pituitary lesions can be very tiny and some are so small that they cannot be seen, but most secrete (cause hormones to go high) rather than make them go low.

I am not familiar with that set of hormones. I do hope that you feel better soon and it helps you!
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