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major family stress going on
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major family stress going on

we have been having major stress in our family for quite some time--but recently it has gone up tremendously.  I am wondering if this is a time when I might need a little extra cortisol?  if so, how would I judge how much and when to increase it.

low cortisol, I have been trying to folllow the dosing schedule you suggested, and I do think I feel slightly better---i have a hard time remebering the times, some days---i think I need a watch that can set multiple alarm times to remind me.

Today, because of the addes stress, i have added in about 10 extra mgs of cortisol.  I don't want to have to do this on a regular basis---especially since i can see this stress could get worse---or at least go on for some time.

What would clue me in to knowing that i need a little extra cortisol on the days when my body isn't handling the stress very well?

I had originally been told I only needed to stress dose when I was ill---but I have seen that people on here sometimes dose a little extra when emotional stress gets to be too much.
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What clues me in:
not understanding/confusion
craving salt

Your list may vary - so you have to know *your* body and your hints that you are given for your lows - which can vary drastically from mine.

I would try to up salt/sodium as salt wasting is what causes a crisis - and this may help.

I don't always stress dose for emotional issues - it depends. I did for shocks like my mom dying. But I don't for consistent things as I don't want the long term effects - I usually use salt and see how that works. Keep up fluids and make sure I get enough rest. Sometimes rest just hits me lol.
I have had headaches for over 13 years--almost daily----I can definitely tell that sometimes they are stress related because of the tightening in my neck and shoulders---actually, I think they are mostly stress headaches--but it is often more obvious when excess stress brings one on---hope that made sence.

I have a tendency to get agitated and unable to think and concentrate in the early afternoon---this is what prompted my doctor to raise me from 20 mgs to 30 mgs.

I have had more nausea and come close to feeling like i might actually throw up in the last 4 months or so than i ever have in my life (with the exception of pregnancy)

I do not ever crave salt--but i do crave sugar.  I also have almost no appetite whatsoever----I have to make myself eat.  In the evenings I will get the munchies--that is the closest i get to actually feeling hungry.

The biggest symptoms i seem to get are feeling really agitated and a feeling of stress that runs through all the muscles of my body--kind of hard to describe.  I have a hard time concentrating at these times.

I am wondering if the sudden appearance of frequent nausea is a sign of needing to dose better like both you and low cortisol suggested.

I have noticed that trying to follow the dosing schedule low cortisol suggested seems to be helping a little bit---I've also started trying to take a short nap in the afternoon--it is really more of a rest--I don't completely fall asleep.

some of this is thinking out loud and comparing to what you said your symptoms were.

I really don't know how to recognize low symptoms except for the early afternoon irritability.
Sounds like you have a handle on your tip offs - irritation and lack of concentration. Let others know so they can let you know. My hubs lets me know as I get so off that I don't take meds LOL.

Try some alka seltzer or brioschi or the like for nausea - will give you zap of sodium. I have some lemon fizzy stuff that is sugary and lemony to help stave it off when I catch it early.
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