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Abnormal liver functions tests
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Abnormal liver functions tests

I have a friend that is in complete denial about her drinking.  She lives out of town now and came to visit me a couple of months ago.  She stayed with me for 4 days.  I didnt know until then she was in such terrible shape.  She has times that she can hardly have a conversation and one day she could not walk with out help. It seemed to me more of a neurological issue that day, because I don't think she was drunk.
She went to the doctor about 4 weeks ago to have her yearly labs drawn.  She hasn't been feeling well.  Here are her labs:

AST   239
ALT   68
ALKP 489
TBIL  2.4
RBC  3.32
MCV  113.3
MCH  38
HGB  13.2
PLT 57
TSH  17.71
BP 155/97

She has had problems trying to get her synthroid regulated.  The doctor keeps upping her dose but it doesn't seem to help. She has had very bad back pain for many years but it has gotten worse.  She had an ultrasound a week ago.  She called for the results and the nurse told her she has a fatty liver.  Thats all she knows.  She has not scheduled another doctors appointment and I'm afraid she may not.  Does this sound like a serious situation to you.  Her sister died from alcoholic Cirrhosis.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp.
After reading your post I am very concerned for your friends health. Her liver is very irritated and undoubtedly inflamed. Her AST is unbelievably high and her bilirubin is of concern also. The AST is a strong indication of the amount of irritation. The bilirubin helps explain the function of her liver. If this irritation continues jaundice and cirrhosis are likely. Also your friends BP is high and she should be medicated to treat this.
Her platelet count is extremely low, this is a strong indication of an enlarged spleen due to portal hypertension, a direct result of limited blood flow through the liver due to cirrhosis.
I have a couple of questions for you since you mentioned synthroid. Synthroid is a medication used to treat an inactive thyroid. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Fat build up in the liver that is not caused by alcohol use, is nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH can cause the liver to swell and can lead to cirrhosis. People with NASH often have other health issues including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and poor eating habits.
Also you mentioned about her drinking, Chronic alcoholism is the leading cause of cirrhosis in the United States. Drinking too much alcohol can cause the liver to swell, which over time can lead to cirrhosis. The amount of alcohol that causes cirrhosis is different for each person. How much is she drinking?
Also I wonder if she is prescribed and taking any medication to help with her back pain? Most effective pain medications metabolize in the liver rapidly killing off healthy liver cells. This is why routine lab testing is needed to monitor the condition of the liver when taking certain pain medications.
See here is how it works, almost everything ingested in your body is metabolized by the liver, this process kills off healthy liver cells but that is okay since the liver has the remarkable ability to heal itself. This process takes time but is essential to survival since its primary functions are to assist with the abortion of nutrients and to filter harmful toxins. The problem occurs when healthy liver cells are being killed off faster than they can be reproduced, this causes scaring. It is this scaring that we refer to as cirrhosis. So it is critical to her survival to eliminate these things that are killing off massive amount of healthy liver cells (Irritation). This would holt or slow further progression of liver disease.
It is very important for her to see a doctor that specializes in the liver (Hepatologist) so that he/she may give her a complete and accurate evaluation. A Cat Scan is needed. Failure to pursue a further treatment will eventually lead to liver failure. Providing the Ultra sound was interpreted correctly she stands a very good chance to make an effective change in the condition of her liver, health and life!
Please keep in mind I am not a medical professional in any way but just a guy with cirrhosis that has done a lot of reading concerning my own survival. I hope this helps you out. Please feel welcome to post any further questions or comments and I will do my best to continue to help. I wish you both the best!
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