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alcoholism vs addictive personality
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alcoholism vs addictive personality

I hear regularly that alcoholism is a disease. How does it relate to addictive personality? Separate things? Two heads of the same beast? Just wondering, since I am the one bringing up addictive behavior concerning other things besides alcohol, and since it is very common for drinkers to jump to a different addiction and vice versa.
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Don't know if this will help you...
They are both "diseases" of the mind and body in form...
Alcoholism can be present in someone but lie dormant for their entire life but their behavior will indicate it...same with addictive personality.  
My alcoholism was there from the beginning of my was my Bi Polar...the Bi Polar acted up FIRST...I drank...learned that I could medicate with alcohol (not a consciously learned thing) and then my alcoholism was triggered.  SO - I would medicate during mania but because I have the disease of alcoholism as well, I couldn't STOP drinking.  
I do not have an addictive personality.  I did not become addicted to pot, X, acid, etc nor did I become addicted to gambling, sex, etc.  Now, that being said - I can certainly "transfer" my addiction to alcohol to other things in my life such as shopping but that also goes hand in hand with my manic phases.  I find myself spending a wad of cash and not really considering the consequences its probably time to take more mood stabilizer!  I can also spend money because I'm pissed off and resentful - that's just because I'm an alcoholic and stunted emotionally.  I don't know how to deal with life on life's terms real well.  I never learned how.  It has nothing to do with an addictive personality.  Some people who are just plain ole' ADDICTS claim to have addictive personalities.  Hog Wash and Poppy ****!  They are just ADDICTS!  They like to get high!  They like to get drunk!  We drank and doped cause we LIKED the way it FELT!
If you can't stop or mediate many, many things in your life such as drungs, alcohol, sex, spending money, men/women, relationships, stealing blah, blah well, then you need to be looking into a classic DSM IV diagnosis of addictive personality.  **IZIBAN - Feel free to jump in here - and correct me if I am wrong - you got more functional experience on this one - mine is all book knowledge**
Hope this helps!

Symptons of an Addictive Personality


Identifying Symptoms and Triggers of an Addictive Personality

As drug and alcohol use increases, the user tries to keep life under control. That gets harder and harder to do. Finally the user does desperate things to try to continue to appear normal. These desperate behaviors are called addictive behaviors. They are the things people do related to their drug and alcohol use. Sometimes the behaviors ONLY occur when people are using or moving toward using.

Learning to recognize when one or more of these behaviors begin to happen will help you to know when to start fighting extra hard to move away from relapse.
Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Which of these behaviors do you think are related to your drug or alcohol use?

* Lying

* Stealing

* Being irresponsible (e.g., not meeting family/work obligations)

* Being unreliable (e.g., late for appointments, breaking promises)

* Being careless about health and grooming (e.g., stopping exercise, poor diet, etc.)

* Getting sloppy in house keeping

* Behaving impulsively (without thinking)

* Behaving compulsively (e.g., too much eating, working, sex)

* Losing interest in things (e.g., recreational activities, family life)

* Isolating (staying by yourself much of the time)

* Using other drugs or alcohol

* Missing or being late for 12-Step or other support groups

* Stopping prescribed medication (antidepressants, anti-anxiety, Antabuse, etc.)
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there is a lot of medical theory out there that states that alcoholics/addicts have abnormally low levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain...our pleasure chemicals.....hence the biochemical disease concept theory that many don't buy....i do but just cuz that my be there doesn't mean its  a green lite for me to go!i think what constitutes addiction is not a simple is a mishmosh of many variables....i know many will comment on this!
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