is O'Douls alcohol free beer safe?
by HaleyRenaenae, Aug 23, 2012
I know it says alcohol free on the bottle but I think I read somewhere that it still has 0.05% alcohol in it or something like that. I like going to the bar, and watching my fiancee drink makes me jealous so I thought about drinking O'Douls, but is it safe for me with my pregnancy??
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by ibizanBlank, Aug 23, 2012
No woman should ever consume alcohol during her pregnancy!Just not good for a developing fetus!Ginger ale w/a splash of cranberry juice on the rocks is better!
by dominosarah, Aug 25, 2012
I am concerned about your thinking.  You are jealous that your fiance can drink and you cant.  You are pregnant.  There are enough warnings everywhere you look that tell the dangers of drinking while pregnant.  What your body is doing right now is far more amazing than any drink could ever produce.
by rpooo, Aug 27, 2012
Well then here ya go:
O'Douls' various brews contain a very small amount of alcohol, 0.5%, probably not enough to get even the most inexperienced teenager a buzz. However, it's enough to make a cirrhotic liver sit up and take notice, so it should be avoided, like all alcohol products. This would include durring pregnancy also. It's very responsibile of you to look into this first.

Now I have a question, wouldn't your money be better spent on baby things than at a bar? Also is this bar scene going to change after your little one is born? Seems to me your husband/BF should be taking you somewhere you both can enjoy not to a bar so he can get his buzz on. Your going to be a terrific mom and you deserve to be treated like you are the most special lady in his world. I just think you deserve a little better now that your having his baby, don't you?

Anyways it's not really my buisness and you don't need to answer. It's just my take so roll it around up there if you want but there's the answer to your question. Congrads.

by ibizanBlank, Aug 27, 2012
No amount of alcohol is safe for that little baby in your womb my dear!NONE!
by dominosarah, Aug 27, 2012
Ask your OB.
by ibizanBlank, Aug 27, 2012
There is nothing mentioned in ur first post @ an autoimmune disorder!