shaking while drinking alcohol
by rocky987, Dec 30, 2007
i would like to know why i have very bad shaking fits while drinking alcohol i have been a big drinker for many years,i used to drink larger but since my hernia operation i cannot drink anything fizzy so now i drink whiskey and have done so for many years,my vision also goes and i also have blackouts.
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by ibizanBlank, Dec 30, 2007
shaking is a common sign of later stage alcoholism while drinking and withdrawal after stopping for a spell.Sure hope ur not out driving a car when u have blackouts and vision loss!
by uberadtx, Dec 31, 2007
I agree with Ibizan.  It sounds like typical late stage alcoholism.  Your body is deteriorating now from the alcohol consumption. The shaking, blackouts, vision problems are because the brain is absorbing the alcohol.  The will result in some major wet brain.  I am sure you are experiencing a whole host of problems like malnutrition, fatigue and decreased immunity.  You CAN stop this progression of illness though and save your life.  The choice is yours.  Keep us posted and let us know if you have any other questions.
by looking up, Oct 18, 2008
I am a recovering alcoholic, 10 yrs. without it and I have first hand experience with this.  I was once a bartender and loved it, made alot of friends, drank alot, One time my friend asked me if I get the shakes in the morning and at that time I said NO and they were very surprised cause they knew how much I drank.  Well, after a couple of months all I did was shake from the alcohol. I couldnt even pour a drink because of the shaking.  Its your body telling you it needs more alcohol.  Your nervous system is slowing going and so will your liver.  I am living proof.  I was diagnosed with cirrosis and literally almost died from bleeding to death.  My kidneys also went, I was on kidney dialysis.  My family was planning my funeral.  This is a true story.  The good Lord gave me another chance by not taking me, I had nurses come to my room not believing I was still alive.  I had to learn to walk again on my own, I couldnt even turn to my side, the nightmare and delirous tremors were horrid.  PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE, stop the drinking now and if its hard then ask your doctor to give you some Librium.  It takes away the shaking, believe me dying from alcohol is one of the worse deaths you can have.  I reallly am a miracle to be alive.  Trust me, STOP DRINKING!!!  Now I dont only feel much better but look at least l0 yrs. younger.  I am able to live again.  Good Luck to you and May God Bless.
by boogieman, Oct 18, 2008
hello. to reinforce the above, my drinking brought me shakes at first. as the years went by, i began to have seizures and vivid hallucinations (d.t.s) for which i had to get medical treatment to avoid complications like death. please consult with a doctor and be honest as you can. this thing will kill you and it will hurt like hell for however long it takes for your heart to stop. there are folks here that have been through it and will help you, but you have to take the first step and decide which way you want to go. best of luck---gm
by ironpetal09, Oct 24, 2008
I agree with everyone here allthough I had more of the jıtters than the shakes but either way it will lead to alcoholic fits.  Which are symptoms of alcoholic poisoning.

So go and get some help before it takes you down.  

by kiwi694, Sep 29, 2012
I forgot to add, after my 'shaking fits' I can appear as normal as ever. It's like a periodic demon has seized my body. I'm wary about taking advice from alcoholics, because however well intentioned, they assume and presume my case is like theirs. I had a brain scan (when I was about 15) to try and detect abnormalities - nothing apart from an occasional 'skip' in my heart beat. Since then, luckily i've had less fits/fainting them what you like, but, however, they have got progressively worse. Last embarrassing one in the dentist's wrote to my doctor and said he had witnessed for the first time a 'petit mal.' Doctor didn't give a toss (more interested in her upcoming retirement) and said if it happened again to contact her!! What should I do?
by ibizanBlank, Sep 29, 2012
Do u have a regular doctor?when is the last time u had a MRI?total body scan?CBC?how much do u drink when u drink?any other drug use?RX or otherwise?