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take control of your health
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This community is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people who drink and are trying to quit. The forum covers topics ranging from Health Issues, How to Quit, Reasons to Quit, Relapse Prevention, Friend and Family Support.

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take control of your health

Everything I have EVER read about problem drinking has said do NOT drink daily.

Daily drinking repeated daily becomes a habit. Behaviors - HABITS- repeated multiple times become strong habits.
Habitual drinking may lead to heavier drinking or full-blown addiction and THAT can be VERY hard to stop. People
who drink daily when they get to be over age 35 or so can experience some pretty awful health problems.

Take a break from alcohol. Our bodies needs regular "breaks" from alcohol.

Pick a day - JUST ONE DAY- each week when you will not drink at all.

Once you have achieved this "ONE day off " alcohol every week for a few weeks, try stopping for two days each week.

Once you are not drinking 2 days a week for a few weeks, increase it to 3 days per week.

THEN -begin to record the way you feel emotionally and physically when you are not drinking. You will find that you feel better overall.

Then stop drinking for 2 weeks - just to prove to yourself that you can.

Have you ever given up alcohol for  3 or 4 days--? - didn't you feel better when you did that?

Your liver is your major detox organ and it needs a REST from alcohol. Seriously-!!

The 'daily drinking life' sure can harm people of all ages. We can get away with alcohol abuse

when we are younger but it catches up with us.

It's such a damned shame. Don't let alcohol abuse happen to you. Take control of your health.
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Avatar m tn

         Alcoholics take breaks when the money runs out, but a smart alcoholic still finds ways to get there alcohol the old saying we lived to drink and drink to live alcohol is a powerful drug it takes time for it to get the best of you but the ends are all ways the same jails, institutions and death.
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