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Effect of Wheat Allergy on Pregnancy
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Effect of Wheat Allergy on Pregnancy

I wish to know more about wheat allergy with reference to a patient:

Patient History: She is currently 25 years old. She developed problem of wheat allergy 2-3 years back. Symptoms were bad digestion, loose motions, mild fever. Diagnosis confirmed wheat allergy. After that she was put on wheat-free diet. Lead normal life thereafter but problem occurs if she eats wheat. Though she eats wheat sometimes but in very less quantity than normal person. She is not allergic to any other grain. Height: 5 ft 1”, Weight: ~50kg

Overall, she is living normally. Has completed double post-graduation and has topped in her college. Looks good and healthy.

My Questions:
• How serious or long this problem can be in her life?
• What would be effect of this disease on her married life, especially during pregnancy and on children?

I wish to marry this girl but my parents are reluctant to allow me after knowing about her disease. But I don’t want to lose her on this ground if this is not that significant to affect our married life.

Please guide me on this. I would appreciate a quick and honest answer with best of your knowledge.

Also, please let me know if you need any other information from my side.

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Avatar n tn

Wheat allergies are actually quite common.  I have a gluten (wheat) allergy too, as does my husband, so we have a lot of experience with this.  

First let me address your specific questions:

1.  It's usually a life long problem but not a serious one.  If you watch your diet it doesn't become an issue.  There is a good possibility that she can be cured of this problem with the NAET Bioset technique (Chinese medicine) practiced by a good and experienced practioner.  Many many people have been cured and at the very least greatly helped with this therapy.  It takes a certain number of visits but it's not lifelong therapy.  You can look it up on the web and research it yourself.  Insurance doesn't cover it.  We're looking forward to doing this treatment and are saving up for it.  

2.  I don't see how this problem (I wouldn't call it a disease) would have much affect on your married life at all.  She may have to watch her diet, perhaps you won't eat as much bread or other wheat products if she doesn't buy them too often.  Perhaps she will bake bread at home (like we do) from tapioca, rice and potato flour instead.  There are wonderful and easy gluten free (wheat free) mixes you can buy.  You can even make them in a bread machine.  

With regards to children, I don't see a problem.  Food allergies don't cause a problem with pregnancies unless she eats the food.  I am currently pregnant with a very very healthy and perfect little boy.  My pregnancy has been without any problems and he will be born soon.  I've even eaten a little wheat here and there (when we eat in restaurants) without problem.  It depends on the severity of her allergy but even then she can control this through diet.  I looked into it at the beginning of my pregnancy and asked my doctors but there are no severe problems or isues as a result of this allergy.  Just try to avoid wheat.  

Sometimes if you go off the offending food strictly and completely for 12 months straight, the immune system repairs itself and you can begin to eat a little again.  Not always, but sometimes.  

Now, here's some information you should know.  Wheat allergies are very common and on the rise.  Many many people have wheat allergies and don't even know about it, the fact she does is a huge advantage.  My husband and I had wheat allergies for at least 15 years without knowing it, we can tell now based on our symptoms and history.  

Many people with wheat allergies have healthy happy children despite eating wheat throughout the pregnancy.  Some people develop food or wheat allergies during pregnancy.  Some people have food allergies with subclinical symptoms aka symptoms that don't really present in an obvious way and they continue to eat the offending foods without knowing.  Again, her knowing is actually a huge ADVANTAGE.

One common way people get food allergies (like wheat) is because of antibiotic use which causes candida to develop in the gut which causes leaky gut which causes the food protien (such as wheat protein which is small enough) to go through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, which causes an immune system response resulting in antibioties, thus an allergy.  It also commonly happens with dairy as well.  By the way, we all have candida in our intestines, we need it to live, however overgrowth is a problem.  Look up leaky gut, candida, see if any symptoms apply.  These are NOT serious problems unless they go on for very long periods of time and are not controlled or resolved.  They are easy to correct with vitamins, minerals and therapeutic levels of probiotics.   You can look up all this info on the web and study it for yourself.

I want to add that this can very easily happen to YOU one day or ANYONE ELSE you know.  In fact it is quite likely to happen.  We are ALL at risk!  It will NOT have a big impact on your marriage unless you ignore it and/or she consumes wheat to the point which it makes her sick.  

There are so many reasons food allergies such a wheat are happening which include, antibiotic use, weak immune systems, candida overgrowth, genetically modified foods such as wheat, toxins, processed foods, water that is not properly purified, chemicals in the environment, I could go on and on.  That's why we are all at risk and it could happen to anyone at any time.  

Whatever you decide on your marriage, I wish you both the best.
Avatar m tn
i was looking for wheat allergy during pregnancy and i found your website. i had wheat allergy 2 years ago for only one year. i am pregnant now and i am having some symptoms of wheat allergy as i very well know what they are. my question is that: is it harmful to have wheat allergy while being pregnant.
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