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Allergic reaction to metals but can't prove it yet....
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Allergic reaction to metals but can't prove it yet....


I am the parent of a child whose health has been deteriorating due to, what I believe, titanium plates and screws implanted in his mouth for orthodontic purposes.

From muscle fatigue, to joint pain, fevers and rashes, my teen child has experienced it all.  Treatment has been done for the illnesses but there is no conclusive info to support my belief or anyone else's, for that matter.  I have read most of the scientific articles about Ti/Ni/Metal allergies in dental patients and I have a strong feeling about that THIS IS the source of the problems.

The dental implant was removed, and 'coincidentally' my child's health has started to improve (relatively speaking in regards to the symptoms). My child is allergic to Nickel based on observations throughout life but we have never proven it scientifically.  Every specialist is baffled (lack of exposure to cases like this maybe?).

Like I said, the symptoms have improved, except for the fevers that come back (one/twice a day). There is no sign of infection but there is a sign of decreasing inflammation - Doctors decided that the best course of action was a high dose of steroids (prednisone) for three days to reset the immune system. Started yesterday, so two more days to go.

The symptoms my child presented was of the following diseases (as per Drs diagnosis): Mono (a week after implant), Serum sickness (a month after implant), rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever. LTT to Ni and Ti and a biopsy test results are pending as well as of other diseases.

I would like to believe we are dealing with allergy to metals because it makes the most sense. However, I pray it is something non-malignant and treatable. I am so very thankful of the physicians that have treated and still are treating my child and the nurses caring for the kid.

Once he recovers, I will do a full metal allergy test.

Here are the journals that have helped me during this rough time (I encourage you to read and educate yourself):

The picture below is of the type of rash we are dealing with.  Does it look like yours? It is not itchy in our case.
I read you post and have nothing to suggest but wanted you to know your effort hasn't been lost in the Internet.

I read you are leading the "pack" on this issue and that you see signs of recovery.  That's a good start.

In my experience allergy to metal is rare as most metals we deal with, not to mention those approved for medical application to and in our bodies, are rather stable.  All oxidize but some, but those used in/on our bodies like gold are very stable and stand up for centuries to exposure to air and water - I have a lot in my old mouth/teeth and the gold will be gold long after I pass away.

If you learn something please share it here.

Best wishes.
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