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Allergies maybe?
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Allergies maybe?

This is going to sound really weird but I have been experiencing sinus tachycardia which is constant, and a high bp since April.  I had a viral sinusitis when it started.  Since then I have wondered what is going on.

I had had every test under the sun and I am coming to the conclusion that the cause of my problems could be allergy related.  

My nose is always blocked, like my sinuses are blocked, the inside of my nose is always moist, I cough a fair bit and (TMI sorry) I cough up clear gel like mucous.  One side of my throat is always swollen and I have a swollen gland on the same side under my ear lobe which my doctor said is a sentinel gland.  My throat is always sensitive and I also have crimson redness on the areas just in front of my tonsils.  I have a spot on my tonsil too which I have had swabbed and there was no infection.  I have had skin rashes, which itch then seem to bleed slightly under the skin.  They start like itchy blisters, they are tiny and red.  Then they go away after a couple of days.  When I had the virus I was having trouble breathing and felt a lump sensation in that one side of my throat.  I was also yawning constantly.  I have had my antibodies checked, blood counts, blood cultures, serum tests etc... and I am wondering if it is allergy.  My tongue is always coated and rough, I have spider veins inside my mouth, along my gums etc... my eyes can itch sometimes too and water.  I did have lots of breathing troubles before this all started, especially when the pollen was high.

I am always clearing my throat, I get hoarseness, but there is always muck in my throat and I get nasal drip.  Should I get allergy tests?

I now seem to breathe very shallow but at normal pace.  But I also get unequal pupils when I am in my house, but not when I am out in the fresh air, in fact, when I am out and about I seem to breathe a little better.  

Could allergies cause it?  Can airbourne allergy cause swelling in the throat that would make breathing difficult and result in sinus tachycardia?

I did end up in hospital one day and a nurse suggested I had an allergy.

All I can think of that has happened in combination with my symptoms is that it is summer and the pollen is high (but I have never been a sufferer of hayfever) and we have a cat in the house now too.  I did get severe itching around and inside my nose for a while too before the tachy started as well as generalised itching and dry skin.

If there is a lack of oxygen it would explain the tachy and the rashes, but also the neuro symptoms that I have recently developed, including the unequal pupils which can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.  I have had neuro tests and passed them fine, but I am wondering if allergy is possibly causing all of this?

Can someone advise me?  What kind of tests should I request?
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Definitly go see an allergist!  It doesn't hurt to get allergy testing done to find out if it's causing all these problems.
The reason I suggest that is because I even took my young children to the allergist because of coughs, sinus problems, stuffy noses....ect.  Things that last more than 2 weeks are always of concern to me.
They do skin testing...and blood tests to test for allergies.  You might be surprised you may be allergic to something inside the home or anywhere.

Just out of you carry a mirror with you outside?  How do you know what your pupils look like when your outside?  Unequal pupils?  What does that mean?  Sometimes if you go from light to dark or dark to light your pupils will go smaller to that what you mean?  That is normal.  But the itching and watery rashes...coughing....ALL related to allergies...I would get tested.  You seem very concerned to not go ahead to the allergist.
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