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Allergy COUGH

I have an allergy type cough which is caused immediately after every first bite of food, usually if it's spicy, cold or hot.

If I bite a chilly by mistake, I cough like being choked, I have to drink water after that.

There are other triggers for my cough as well.

- Cold wind
- Air conditioner
- Gas from automobiles
- Passive smoking ( I dont smoke, but the when I come across smokers, it triggers me cough)

I have been suffering from following allergies for the past 2 years.

I have been told initially it is related to Asthma, I have been on Asmanex and Albuterol but no change. While a second opinion revealed that I dont have Asthma.
It is so frustrating that I am not able at work in a meeting room also. If a person has a bad breathe talks in a meeting room, I cough as well. I have to go out of the room, take the inhaler and come back.

I am confused and I am so concerned about my condition.

I would be grateful if Medical experts can advice me what should I do to cure this?

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Avatar f tn

Has a chest xray and CT scan of your sinuses been done? Do you have any fever or sputum production?

Has a lung function test been done?

Have you had allergic reactions in the past? Are you allergic to any specific substances?

Do you have any other symptoms like breathlessness, reflux symptoms or heartburn or nasal symptoms like nasal discharge etc. Do you smoke?

Chronic cough is usually seen in cases of asthma, GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease and sinusitis due to the post nasal drip.

You should try steam inhalation, warm saline gargles, saline nasal drops and oral antihistamine medications and see if it helps with your symptoms.

If the cough still persists, it would be best to consult your doctor and also get a chest xray done to rule out a chest infection.

Let us know about how you are doing and if you need any other information.

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I had a persistent and very annoying cough for many years.  I had various tests with no conclusive results, including asthma.  I then found out about salicylate (plant product) and intolerance symptoms which include clearing of throat / persistent coughing.  I eliminated salicylate completely from my diet for a trial of 2 weeks.  My cough disappeared after 4 days along with other symptoms I hadn't related.  It only now returns if I get ill or eat too much salicylate.  
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