Allergy Shot Bruising
by LW71, Mar 03, 2008
The allergy shot therapy leaves me with large bruises at the injection site.  I'm not elderly since I read the older you are the more you bruise. Does anyone have a remedy to prevent or at least reduce this bruising?   The immunotherapy is helping me.  I'm just really embarrased of all the bruises.  Thank you, LW71
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by AJWS6, Mar 04, 2008
It would be best to consult with your allergist, or the person administering the injections, to advise you as to what you can do, or what they need to do.  Sorry, couldn't be more help.  

by BhumikaMD, Mar 04, 2008

You need to get a blood work done and also talk to your allergy specialist about this.

You should ask about whether taking antihistamine medications would help after the shots to help reduce the bruising. Apply calamine lotion at the bruise areas.

Let us know if you have any doubts and also about how you are doing.

Hope this helps.

by ATB77, Jan 01, 2011
Shot is given incorrectly (in the muscle) can cause bruise. I found this source from Cincinnati Allergies & Asthma Center website. I am experiencing the same problem at my clinic, so I am looking a different clinic where my allergy shots can be given correctly. Hope this help