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Ok I have an epipen I carry for nut allergy. I have asthma as well which is under control. So I had a severe onset of sudden pain in my left kidney through to the front and being I have kidney stones and issues with my kidneys retaining potassium I went to the ER. Well turned out I had a bad infection in my kidney, as well as two possible stones with one potentially already passed. So they initially gave me morphine which did nothing for my pain, in fact I felt an intense burning pain through my whole back and hot flash then nothing. It was like they didn't even give me anything. So I asked for a different medicine which they gave me and I finally had pain relief. Well the dr. said I needed to have IV antibiotics for an hour before I could leave. So they gave me Cipro thru IV after the pain medicine. So I went home with antibiotic pills (Cipro) and started them the next day which was last Friday. I also was given percocet which I have taken in the past as well.

I almost used every Percocet pill they had given me due to intense pain. I now have more mild-moderate pain and don't use the Percocet. So i normally take a lot of medicine and one newer one for three weeks now has been my Neurontin (for migraines) and it seems to be helping the migraines.

So last night at about 10 pm I had a sudden reaction. I normally am only allergic to tree nuts so lately I have been eating peanut butter and also peanuts. Didn't think it would matter cause I have eaten those before and avoided the tree nuts in which I DO have anaphylaxis and I have always been OK. well I took my antibiotic pill last out of all of my medicines and I think I took a neurontin close to the same time. I thought my meds were just making me sleepy but I started to feel like I was going out cold, breathing was difficult and my chest (heartbeat) felt odd. I only could lie down because I kept feeling weak standing and dizzy. I started to get a sort of tunnel vision and rapid flashes in my peripheral vision. Then I kept trying to move my body because I started to feel like I was or was going to die if I fell asleep or went out. I started to feel confused and hysterical so I called my husband's work and had him come home. (I still had no idea I should even maybe use my Epipen)

He came home and calmed me down and I started to feel a little better and the symptoms seemed to fade away. I need to really know if I should have used my pen in this case and if it was true anaphylaxis?? I made an appointment with an allergist for a week from today. I am scared to death to take my medicines-my new ones really. I am also scared it was eating the peanuts that caused it. I have NEVER in my life been as terrified, confused and as hysterical as I was last night. I am home alone with my preteen daughter at night.

Please tell me it would have been wise to use that Pen? I obviously waited a very long time to seek help. I waited until I was hysterical and confused to call anyone and it was my husband at work. I was slurring my speech and everything. I was scared I was having a stroke or something and I terrified my daughter in the process.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Obviously, I can't tell you if you should have used the pen or not. But would it hurt? I have an Epipen too because I have reactions to wasp stings but I have never had to use it. If I had a reaction to anything other than a wasp sting, I probably wouldn't know what to do.

Really though, would it hurt anything? If it wasn't anaphylaxis would the Epipen cause harm? I'm sincerely asking because I don't know. I should look into that. Could be important to know!

Also, remember you can develop an allergy at any time. Peanut allergies are very common for people with tree nut allergies so I wouldn't rule it out.
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