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Blood Allergy Test

Good Evening - My son is 11 and has problems breathing, (loud, stuffy), and we think is kind of affecting his sleep.  He snores very loud, and is nearly impossible to wake up.  He also has very dry skin (not like our family).  We took him in for a blood test, and it came back with some allergies to foods. (most of which he regularly eats).  
These are the results of a couple, and I am not sure what to make of them. -

        Name                 Value        -  Reference Range
* 245 (Egg, Whole)      - 0.05         - A 0/I .05-.07 kU/L Class
**F013 (Peanut)          - 3.94         - A 12.50 kU/L Class

(*lowest reading)
(**highest reading)

the rest are, Milk, Wheat, Corn (Flour), Soybean (also very high), Pork, Beef, Fish Shell mix, Chocolate..

Could someone explain what these values and reference ranges are....  
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The interpretation of any clinical laboratory test involves an important concept in comparing the patient’s results to the test’s "reference range." It’s also commonly called the "normal range.
But for many  tests, the meaning of the results depends on their context. You have not mentioned what type of blood test was done.
RAST measures the amount of specific IgE antibodies in the blood. These antibodies are present if there is a true allergic reaction.
Other blood tests include:
Absolute eosinophil count
Blood differential
Serum immunoglobulin electrophoresis.
What i can infer from your test results is that he is least allergic to egg and most allergic to pea-nuts value(measured result) falls within that range which the test tests.
Hope this is meaningful to you.
To add, these type of allergies and some medications do not mix well. As a precaution forever moving forward before any medical exam that requires IV meds, actually any medications always tell them about his allergies. It is only a concern in some situations but always better to tell them about it to be on the safe side.

Anything that a person is allergic to can result in a reaction. On top if this reaction such as a person like my self any reactions that produces igE response in my blood also sets off my asthma and sinus problems.

With this food allergy you will need to work with an allergist. It is possible that it is affecting his breathing and your allergist can determine this.

I strongly suggest working with an allergist right away! Not in 2 weeks but as soon as possible.
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