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Carbohydrate Intolerance
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Carbohydrate Intolerance

Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance

Looking for help to diagnose on an Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance case that has gone on for 13 years. Through trial and error I determined that I can only eat protein and green vegetables. When eat any other foods I get an extreme allergic eye reaction of redness, pus discharge at night, crusting, itchiness, inflammation, sensitivity to light. This reaction happens even when I eat something as simple as a carrot. My symptoms also include depression, sleeplessness, and being exhausted, even while I stick to a strict diet of eating no carbs. Symptoms of sever diarrhea have been resolved by taking digestive enzymes.

Recently I have had relief from my eye allergies for about 9 months by taking large does of digestive enzymes, but the effects have since worn off.

I have been tested for parasites many time and results were always negative. Tested for celiac disease, negative. While I was being treated for tropical spruce, the antibiotics resolved all my issues, however symptoms returned when I was off the antibiotics. Been treated for Candida.

Have been to too many types of doctors to even list. It’s been my life’s mission for the past 13 years to try and get to eat normal again.

Looking for someone who can point me in the direction of a diagnosis or any help that can be offered. Appreciate any info given.
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Wow!!  Welcome to the community.

I don't have any ideas for you, but maybe one of the alternative medicine people will have some thoughts for you.

Praying you find some answers.
God bless.
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Hey carballergic.
Welcome to the forum.

Please post at the Alternative Therapies or message me directly.
I may have a couple ideas and recommendations for you.
This  weekend I'm away at a conference, however, I'll get back to you
promptly, upon my return next week, should you decide to respond here.
Include any other pertinent details, if you wish.
Take care,

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Hi, Are you still getting these posts more than a year later? I'd like to talk to you more about your condition. I have something similar but not as severe. I get extreme itching with no rash within hours of eating carbs, and it lasts about 24-36 hours. I'm coming to believe it's a bacterial/fungal issue that might only be fixable by a fecal transplant, which is a relatively new treatment for otherwise untreatable digestive imbalances. My symptoms started 20 years ago when a dermatologist put me on 6 months of ampicillin without warning.

Email me at ecoclone at gmail ******* if you want to chat more

Sorry for what you are going through. I truly relate. Jennifer
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I have a similar problem, which I have suffered with for decades. When I eat carbohydrates, my abdomen begins to swell.  It becomes so intense that I can feel pressure pushing against my rib cage and my spine.  This results in pain as well as difficulty moving my arm and leg on one side of my body.  

I tried cutting out foods I am allergic to, with some positive results.  However the inflammation problems continued.

Recently, I began the ketogenic diet, what a difference it has made to my life. As long as I limit my carbs to 40grams or less a day, most of my inflammation and resulting symptoms are alleviated.  It also had a positive effect on my emotions and I feel better in body and mind.  I no longer feel that food is my poison, and I now enjoy eating again.  Even when I eat some things that I am allergic to, I no longer get a severe reaction.  My head feels so much clearer and my memory and energy level has improved. The diet may not be right for everyone, so talk to your doctor first before beginning it.  I hope this works for you and well as it did for me.  Good Luck!!!
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