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Chronic Allergies/Rhinitis

I have never posted a question as I was unaware of how easy it is.

Basically, I have been dealing with Chronic Rhinitis for the past 6 months. I was a healthy individual who never got sick. Therefore, Anxiety has played a huge part of my illness, as any new symptom alarmed me as I had never experience it before.

I have done countless research of how Histamine plays a huge part in overall allergy health. However, I am still not sure which is a bigger allergen for me, food or the air I breath.

My symptom list seems big, but I notice many individuals who have had similar reactions.

I have had:

- Sever Nasal congestion all day/night long, will not go away.
- Lightheadedness
- Muscle Weakness, mostly the sensation of it, as I still have my strength.
- Fatigue, tiredness, more than likely due to my sleeping disorder.
- Body Aches
- Eczema - Atopic Dermatitis type skin sensations - tightness, itchiness.. etc. In the face and hands/arms
- Sneeze at least 5 times a day
- Post Nasal Drip
- Stomach Problems
- Arthritis like aches in hands, arms, legs
- Blur Vision/Tired Vision
- Difficult sleeping, waking up in the middle of night
- Sweating
- Flu like symptoms in general
- Low blood pressure

I should note that I have been extremely stress during this entire episode since I work as an independent contractor and have hardly worked. Also, have crazy anxiety and what I believe was depression, a couple of months ago....not sure if its gone.

At one point I thought my arms and legs were going numb, but I believe its the atopic dermatitis as I have feeling on them just fine, just had a weird tightness on the skin in which I confused for numbness.

I have read recent studies from Universities such as John Hopkins that state that Allergies can be debilitating on its own and can make you feel weird symptoms, such as the arthritis like aches and others on my list, possibly due to histamines.

I had mold in my room for approximately more than a year, not an extreme amount, but it was there. Right next to my bed... basically a couple of inches from where I sleep. I believe I might have Mold Toxicity instead of Allergic Rhinitis.

The reason I believe of Mold being a factor is that my Wife has experienced very similar symptoms to me, such as the Nasal Congestion, Muscle Weakness, Lightheaded, Stomach Problems, Low Blood pressure, Sweating, etc. Just not has bad.

The thing is that, during this entire 6 months of Chronic Rhinitis I have not gotten sick, no Cough, no Actual Cold, no Stomach Flu, and I have been around all those contagious viruses just in my own home. So I believe that my overall immune system is great, just not dealing with excessive histamines.

Some days I feel better than others... today I feel terrible. Feel really run down... body aches, weak, nasal congestion, basically flu like, not really wanting to do anything. But others day I feel better and do my general workout routine and play with my little girl.

I need some insight, what can I do. Do I need to rest more, what foods should I avoid, If mold is the culprit in my system what can I do about that, What supplements should I take, Is my body trying to detox, what is the best antihistamine?

I have been to countless doctors, but all I get is Sudafed or an over the counter antihistamine, which do not work at all.

Please I need help. Thank you

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I have similar but do have a dry cough ...I think mine is environmental allergies brought on by the aerial spraying they are doing, what they spray are toxins and recently they added aluminium particles to the 'What on earth are they spraying"   ask for a heavy metal toxicity test
Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

The constant runny nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion could be due to vasomotor rhinitis, in which the symptoms occur in response to a trigger, like eating spicy food or going outside in the cold.  The primary treatment is simply avoiding the things that trigger your symptoms. It is often treated with a drying nasal spray (like Atrovent) and antihistamines like chlopheneramine and lovatidine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion. I would recommend that you contact your primary care physician as you have multiple system complaints. He or she might refer you to an ENT for further evaluation and treatment.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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