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Cough and Itchy Throat

I live in San Francisco, CA. Whenever the weather is changing, and I may get cold. It starts with a sore throat and cold later. I use Cepacol and Tylenol cold. The cold is over in a week and after that I have an itchy inside my throat which causes me to cough a lot. When I am coughing, it is coming out a clear, salty liquid.  I am not sure it is mucus because when I have a thick, yellow mucus, I don’t have an itchy and coughing problem.
I go to see doctor and he gives me antibiotic for upper body for 7 days and it is gone. However, it is not a good idea to take antibiotic. I discuss this problem with my doctor because I have to take antibiotic 1 or 2 times a year when I have this problem. This problem happens over 20 years since I am 12 and it is bothering me a lot. Every time the weather is getting cold, I think about I have a sore throat, cold, and coughing and finally I have to go to see doctors for antibiotic.
My friend has the same problem and he went to his lung specialist doctor and they gave him Advair. He didn’t have any problem like me anymore.
I talked to my doctor but he didn’t give to me because he said I don’t have asthma and Advair has a side effect.
This problem happens when the weather is dry and cold. When I go to Florida for a week where the weather is warm and humid and the coughing and itchy throat and coughing stop.
Any suggestion?
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Several thoughts.

One, it is possible to have seasonal asthma.  Asthma that is triggered by a certain type of weather.  For you that woud be colder weather.

Two, discus other options with your doctor.  Instead of asking for Advair, would he agree to you trying an inhaled corticosteroid alone and an albuterol inhaler,  or even just the albuterol.  He is probably concerned about you using a long acting bronchodialer.  

Three, if you doctor is unwilling to help you with this, you may want to get a second opinion.

Personally, although one or two infections a year that require antibiotics is annoying and certainly not ideal, it is not a big problem.  Doctors don't get concerned about it until you have at least three or more regularly.  I have had to take antibiotics every four to six weeks this year.  That is problematic.  I would love to say I just have two infections a year.
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