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Does this show asthma or other ?
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Does this show asthma or other ?

I'm in mid 20's and a boy. Please advice if you are a medical doctor.

I have cold + cough (producing white color (phlegm or mucus or whatever)) since past 3 days. I did not smoke / drink.

I felt warm in mouth (temperature) yesterday but did not have fever as such measured from outside. I'm not finding difficult to breath but inhalation is producing sounds since past 2-3 days. Also, if I carry any weight on my shoulders (bag) since past 2-3 days and climb stairs quickly, breathing becomes little heavier. Without weight on shoulders, I'm fine. This is since 2-3 days.

I have somewhat severe gas problems for whatever I eat since past year or more.

I'm not sure what is chest tightedness but I dont have prob on chest.

My lung PA xray was good with no problems cited by radiologist but in my blood test IGE (eosinopholis) is high as usual with no other problem with hemoglobin or WBC etc. I had urticaria months ago.. but its good now.

I've been to a chest physician but I find it difficult to trust him because of some incidents -- is he correct here?
> The attendant was holding my lung an xray right at the center. I thought we are not supposed to touch the image :-o
> The doctor made me conduct a pulmonary function test. I had poor results (20% of what is required :-o) but I believed I have cold and cough and thus might not be able to breath with full pressure. I hope that is correct.
> Also, he happened to say that since my lungs show as black in the x-ray, they depict obstruction i.e. asthma. My radiologist who was in-charge of x-ray has written the air passage is clear and written "no lung diseases found". I later found from internet that black is representation of air; Grey is fat etc.

I somewhere believe that asthma can be best cured with homeopathic or Ayurveda medicine ? Is that true ?

Is it necessary that most people who have asthma will have something like urticaria... OR someone with urticaria will have asthma?

I dont want to keep taking chemicals / steroids for some or other problem and live on them. How should I proceed ?

I'm sorry if this is rude but most doctors around are there only to eat money in different ways.

What do the symptoms show ?
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Avatar m tn
I was advised that my high IGE count can show these symptoms...

I need to know if this can be reduced ?
Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

It is evident from your history that you could most probably be suffering from asthma. This is detected with lung function tests. The disease is usually triggered by an allergen. These allergens, when exposed to initiate immune mediated reactions which will result in the symptoms you experience. And yes, the allergic reactions could cause increased IgE levels. The allergic history usually runs in families.
So, the problem can be tackled at three levels.

At the allergen level, where you can consult an allergy specialist, who after doing some skin tests, will be able to specify some allergens. You can either avoid exposure to these allergens or desensitize yourself.
The second level is prevention of the attacks. For this, there are steroidal inhalers for asthma. The steroid content is very minimal in inhalers and long-term use will prevent attacks.

When you have an attack, for wheezing, during the attacks, you can use Asthalin.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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