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EOSINOPHILS count 14.7% above normal range of 1-6%
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EOSINOPHILS count 14.7% above normal range of 1-6%

I am 43 years old and having a sound health. I dont have major surgeries or ailments. I am allergic to pollens,weeds when I exposed to dusty atmosphere. I used to have running/blocked nose, cough when I was living in Bangalore. now i moved to Delhi. I am not proned to cold quite frequent. Once/twice in a month when I take cold water I get cold/flu.

I have recently undergone blood test. In differential leukocyte count the eosinphils count was 14.7% as compared to the reference range of 1 to 6 %.

What is the significance of eosinophil count shooting above the normal range?

Please let me have expert opinion to take corrective measures.


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