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Eosinophil Count


My 6 year old daughter sufferes from many things. She is auto-immune netropenic which causes her blood work to be all messed up (currently her WBC is only 2.3). Her neutrophil count is almost nonexistent (only 6%). She also suffers from allergies.

I am hoping that someone with hemotology expertise may offer advice on her eosinophil count. It is slightly elevated 9%. Would this be inidicitive of her having a severe allergic reaction (possibly to her beloved dog) or could it simply be related to her abnormal blood make up. She has had 6 ear infections, 2 sinsus infections, and 2 cases of strep throat all in the last 6 months.

I am ready to get rid of her pup but she is just devasted over this idea but I can not get any straight answers from any of her multiple doctors and feel that this may be the only thing I can do to try to help her.

Given all of the above information, would you expect to see the eosinophil count higher if all of these problems were realted simply to allergies, or is this an extremely high count?

Any information would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you advance to anyone who is willing to offer information.
I can not seem to get any true answers from any of her doctors.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, the most common types of neutropenia are post infectious and drug induces. Appropriate antibiotic therapy will check the infection and improves the WBC profile.

There are the drugs which increase the neutrophil production, recombinant granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF, filgrastim) can correct the neutropenia and reduce infectious morbidity in infected patients with a variety of causes of severe neutropenia. Along with it prophylactic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal is necessary to prevent serious infection.

Some measures to control of allergies are-
- Take away the pets, as they can release potential allergens in the air.
- Treatment of the outside of a house with pyrethroid (pyrithrin) chemicals prior to cold weather is one of the best measures.
- you need to close the windows of the car and home, stay indoors when possible, and use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to filter the air during times of peak symptoms. It will be particularly helpful, if she is allergic to mold or pollens.
- Showering before bed to remove allergens from hair and skin can help reduce contamination of the bedding.
- Use over the counter nasal saline sprays which will help washout allergens.
- Water leaks should be fixed and swamp coolers should be cleaned periodically.

I hope this helped you. Take care and regards.
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