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Extreme sinus issues of a College Kid
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Extreme sinus issues of a College Kid

I am a freshman at The College of Charleston... Over Christmas break, I threw out my back causing a tingling sensation up my spine and pain in my jaw; in hindsight, I think it also triggered the first panic attack I've ever had. However, I have felt extremely stiff and tight ever since (making it extremely challenging for me to play sports without getting a new injury every time). I arrived to school after christmas break ready to meet girls, go out to parties, and of course study hard. However, my first few weeks have been far from "normal." I have been hospitalized 4 times in the span of 3 weeks. The first trip I felt a pop in my neck after cutting a yawn short, at which point my neck proceeded to swell all the way from my jaw down my neck, to my clavicle (my blood pressure was way up as well as my heart rate). The rest of the week I had all three different types of sleep insomnia, and I have been showing extreme signs of anxiety ever since. They released me each time writing them off as panic attacks/ anxiety, but each time I see a counselor, they seem convinced I don not show long term anxiety symptoms. I feel like I am going crazy! I have taken a hiatus from smoking marijuana as well as drinking because both activities seem to exacerbate the problem, and I am reluctant to use any drugs that have been prescribed to me by the pluthura of doctors I have seen over the last month. These drugs include anti-inflamatories, pain killers, sleeping aids, and only a small dose of short term anti-anxiety meds ("just in case"). As I said, I am extremely conservative when it comes to medicine and when none of these prescriptions produced any results, I would stop taking them in a matter of days, if not less. I am currently only taking half an ambien when I can't fall asleep, but only if the insomnia hits when I first try to sleep because I have class in the mornings. I now know I had worse anxiety issues than I thought, but I still feel as though they are not the direct cause to my problems (although they are deffinitely contributing). I have been cleared by 3 different chiropractors, 4 different ER doctors, my regular MD at school, a prestigious internal medicines dr from my home town, a counselor, and 2 psychiatrists; and they all have assured me that everything appears to physically and mentally fine.
Symptoms: The anxiety has indeed made it difficult for me to pinpoint the problem, and the muscle pain is almost everywhere. I feel like I'm living off adrenaline at this point, fairly charismatically I might add (as I am able to function throughout the day), but it is almost overwhelming. The only consistant issues I have had throughout my entire ordeals seems to be my sinuses. I have a fullness feeling behind my left eye/ ear as well as sinus pressure around my head. My neck has felt extremely stiff and recently my left shoulder has been hurting too. I even seem to salivate more with my right side. My left arm feels noticeably weaker. I am also very prone to injury when I've been playing soccer, frisby, and even golf as all my muscles feel weak. I am working on setting up a cat scan with an ENT expert, but other than that I just do not know what to do.
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Welcome to the forum.
Seems that your body and specifically your back is out of alignment
- Bones can "tighten up and freeze".
- Blocked or impaired circulation can prevent nutrition and fluids from reaching vital parts or draining them. In some areas  an overabundance of fluids could be trapped and thus put pressure on the balance or various nerves. This pressure allows incorrect messages to go to the brain and returns inappropriate commands….
- Balance is vital in our cells, our bodies, our lives.
-Any misalignment in your spine and - All of your muscles become weaker -   your legs, your colon, your arteries, your heart, (they’re muscles too...).

-So your ability to pump blood efficiently, lift a weight, pass food through your GI tract, swallow etc. - it’s all decreased at varying degrees.
-Compromised  digestion and limited nutritional uptake can have mental,neurological and psychological implications.

Your best bet is to seek the best Chiropractic Doctor in your area to help you with this. Never mind prescriptions and drugs to treat the symptoms. That's like killing the messenger.

Go natural and holistic. Get to the root of your problems.
I'm not a doctor but the dysfunctional medical model of our society - after much suffering- drove me to take matters (health matters) into my own hands.
I became a health knowledge junkie, taking all sorts of holistic and natural health courses and workshops, over a period of many years!
Presently I enjoy the best health ever, in my life.
This has obviously been a traumatic period for you. Your emotional and mental well-being
is a very vital factor in your recovery.

My suggestion is to seek also the help of  an Energy Psychology Therapist to address this issue.He/she will facilitate this by re-balancing your meridians. Simple, natural and efficient.
These are just my opinions.
Please research well before making any decisions.
If you have any specific questions or to give update please post here again.

I just realized that you mentioned in your post that you have been "cleared" by 3 chiropractors.  
Perhaps Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)- which is not the same as joint manipulation-
might work  for you.
A Doctor of Osteopathy may be able to address your health issues best, as their approach is holistic, treating the whole patient, not just isolating one system of the body.

My final observation would be that there may be some imprint of the  original event ( the physical accident and the emotional  trauma associated to it) held deeply in your body and causing an energetic disturbance that needs to be cleared before any true healing can take place.
An experienced Energy Psychotherapist should be able to help you with that.

Many of your issues, including anxiety, could be caused by something in your sinuses.  Wait until you get the results and diagnosis from your ENT and cat scan, and post again.
Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms are suggestive of Fibromyalgia; it is diagnosed when the other definitive causes are absent. To diagnose this condition there should be widespread musculoskeletal pain and there should be excess tenderness in at least 11 of 18 predefined anatomic sites. You may be having concurrent sinusitis for which you need to undergo CT scan.

Any systemic infection, metabolic disorder or connective tissue disorder should be ruled out. You need to undergo ESR, RA and ANA titer, Differential count etc. to rule out other causes.

The treatment options are stress-reduction programs, pain killers and proper sleep and diet can help you. Get the sinusitis cleared with the help of antibiotics or endoscopic procedures. I suggest you to consult physician and as well as ENT specialist. Take care and regards.
Thank you to all who have been posting advice... I'm still awaiting my MRI results (instead of a cat scan) on my head and neck/shoulder which will hopefully rule out any serious infection or tumors ( anything of that nature). But I've been searching over and over seemsto precisely fit my symptoms and I believe I finally stumbled on a relevant diagnosis... I now believe it may be a bruit in my neck. It seems like it would be easy to o erlookin an 18 yr old but the symptoms are all there: swollen/ pulsating neck, aching ears/ eyes, throat /neck pain, aching shoulder, constant headaches,  tightness and weakness all over my body, and all symptoms seem most localized on the side of my corrodated artery (left). Its diagnosis involves a simple listening to the artery which has been noticably been pulsating for some time; none of the drs i have seen have even checked the area except for thyroid issues. I don't want to jump the gun again on my own diagnosis especially considering Im still struggling with many anxiety symptoms but it seemed like it could all be correlated with my back and neck injuries over a month ago. Let me know what you guys think... Thanks again, robbie
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