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for the past 5 months i have been going through some serious allergies....I havent tried anything new or eat anything always on the same routine and dont change...lately i have been braking out in hives from head to toe, itching like crazy, and my lips get swollen...since jan my lips have gotten swollen about 4 times already, and i have gotten HIVES about 10 times already...i try benadryl and still doesnt work for me. i went to the doctors and they said its just chronic allergies...she prescribed me epipen. What should i do because i cant take it anymore it keeps coming a heavy set guy, i weight 245 and im 6'0. is this happening because im overweight? i seriously need your help people.
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I doubt that your weight has anything to do with it.
You are seriously allergic to just need to find out what.
Ask your doctor to send you to an allergist.

Just because you haven't changed anything,doesn't mean that you haven't developed an allergy to something.

There are many people who have eaten shellfish their entire lives, and then WHAM! One day they eat a shrimp and almost die from it.

As we age our allergies tend to change.
I used to be highly allergic to strawberries...but now I can eat them no problem. Wish the rest of my allergies would disappear like that. lol

So no new shampoos, soap, etc huh?
No new medications?
New house? New blankets? Nothing at all?
New construction nearby? Painting? Anything at work?

Try to eliminate things from your diet first.
Keep a journal.
Try to think back to what you ate/drank the last time an attack came on.
Keep in mind that food allergies can take up to 48 hours before symptoms show.
Keeping a journal is tedious, but it will help greatly.
If you eat any packaged foods, tear the labels off and past them into your journal ( as it's easier than writing them all down.)
Keep doing this, and when you have an attack circle all ingested items within a 48 hour period. The next time you have an attack do the same thing...then compare...if you notice that you ate tomato products both times, then you might want to give them up.

Also keep in mind that hives can often last for several weeks...which makes it harder to tell.

Once you think you have pin-pointed the source, try to wait until all symptoms have passed and try that item again ( if you're brave enough...otherwise just give up what you think it is). If you break out know for sure what it is.
It's easier to go in for allergy testing...however not all foods and items are tested they may not find the culprit.
And find a new doctor...a good one would have suggested testing and wouldn't have said it's just chronic allergies...they would have suggested what I just did.
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Thank you so much!!!!! I really appreciqte the help alot
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