Help....I woke up and my eyes were swollen shut
by tiphani, Jan 21, 2011
I need help.  This all started Monday morning.  I thought I was having a case of exzema on my face.  I had rough, itchy, patchy area on my face around my eyes, ear, and nose.  I was told to rub canola oil on it by my mom to help the rash.  It did indeed help a little.  I woke up Thursday morning and my eyes were swollen shut.  I started taking some Zyrtec and Benedryl, it helped a little and the swelling went down maybe by 50%.  This morning I woke up and the swelling was worse than Thursday morning.  I have only had this happen once before in my life.  (when I was in Vegas)  The doctor told me it was because of the dry air there.  That episode only lasted one day.  This seems to lasting forever.  What can I do???  I'm going to try and get an appointment today for the Dr. to have it looked at.
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by MomJenn, Jan 21, 2011
Hey there. I am sorry to hear about that happening.  Have you changed your sheets recently?  I know that with my sensitive skin that changing the sheets weekly is really important.  I also wonder if you need a new pillow.  I would get pillow and bed encasings and also try some hydrocortizone on your face.  I would also get some mild, mild sensitive skin face wash...I use OLAY and do really well.  Cetaphil might help.  Good luck.
by tiphani, Jan 21, 2011
Thanks for the reply.  I have changed my sheets recently so I don't think thats the problem.  I was always told by the doctor not to put hydrocortisone on the face, especially around the eyes.  I will change the sheets again to rule that out for sure.  I have 2 kittens, but I have had cats for the past 7 years and never had a problem.  So maybe I can rule out the cat allergy.  I have used Eucerin and Aquaphor, but with no relief.  I only use Ivory soap, because my skin is so sensitive and I think thats the mildest soap there is.  Ya know it is "The soap that's so mild it floats"  Lol
by Dr RajputBlank, Jan 21, 2011
Hi, the condition strongly suggests angioedema which is due to hypersensitivity reaction. This reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies.  

The culprits can be Drugs like amoxicillin and certain food (peanuts, butter, sea food, soy etc.) can cause such reaction. This is an emergency condition because there will be associated laryngeal edema leading to breathing problems.

Also swollen eyelids or face can be seen in kidney disorder. The renal disease (kidney) like nephrotic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, and renal failure can cause such symptoms. You need to undergo urine analysis, renal function tests and radio imaging of the kidneys to rule out the cause and should be treated promptly to prevent further complications.  

Firstly you should identify the triggering factor and avoid exposure. Inj. Adrenaline, oral anti-histaminics and corticosteroids are the standard mode of treatment which should be taken only after consultation from physician. Take care and regards.
by tiphani, Jan 21, 2011
I just return from the doctor and DING DING DING you got it right "angioedema".  I can't figure out what caused it.  I ate a fish sandwich on Wednesday (I don't eat fish that often) and woke up swollen on Thursday, so that might be the culprit.  The Dr. prescribed Prednisone because I was taking Benedryl and Zyrtec with no relief.  So we shall see if this works.  He also stated if I feel any tightness in my throat or swelling in my lips that I should go to the ER.  He allso referred me to a Dermatoligist and Allergist.

Thanks for all your help