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How To Clear Sinus Infection W/Out Antibiotics
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How To Clear Sinus Infection W/Out Antibiotics

I have a horrible time with antibiotics.  The last experience with them found me in the e.r. with nausea and a panic attack!  Despite having had radical endoscopic sinus surgery in '99, I find myself pretty out of it with a sinus infection now.

I did get a steroid shot today, and I hope and pray it clears this.  I found out from a nurse that antibiotic shots aren't as hard on the stomach as oral ones.  If the shot doesn't clear this, I may have to have an antibiotic shot.  

Aside from ANY antibiotics, is there a way to clear an infection without them?  I've read pros and cons about apple cider vinegar and oregano oil, but I also read it didn't help some of them and the oil carries some risks.

Thanks so much.
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Are you currently doing sinus rinses?  If you are not doing them and your sinuses are not too congested, start them.  They will wash the extra mucus out, and help reduce future infections.  Also, are you seeing an ENT?  There maybe specialized options that can be used.  I know there are inhaled antibiotics, so maybe there is a similar sinus one.  Also, my allergist has me adding pulmacort to my sinus rinse to reduce inflamation (inflammation) and my risk of sinus infection.

Good luck and feel better.
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Hello!  I'm learning things tonight!

Currently, I am using NealMed Sinus Rinse.  The steroid shot has helped, but I still feel horrible with reduced smell and taste except for the rotten infection smell.

I saw the ENT p.a. when I got the steroid shot.  I am in contact with the Dr. office of the Dr. that did my sinus surgery in '99.  His nurse told me this a.m. that the shot should clear this in a few days, but I'm afraid it may not.  This is a tough one even effecting my ears, kind of stopping them up a little.  

I need to tell his nurse there ARE inhaled antibiotics.  I was joking told her I wish there was, and she just laughed with me.  It's good to know there are!  

I will sure check into the pumacort also.  I'm drinking V-8 and liquids, had chicken soup tonight.  

I sure do appreciate some valuable advice!

Thanks so much for me to feel better.  I am ready.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, many patients suffering from sinusitis and rhinitis condition have mucoid or mucopurulent nasal secretions and important causes are-
- Allergies- in such case sputum can be subjected for presence eosinophils and usually can be found in the secretions.
- Common cold- it is due to viral and it is generally self limiting,
- Infectious rhinitis or sinusitis- In such bacterial or fungal infection can be involved. For bacterial infection sputum can be sent for culture to identify the responsible bacteria. As for suspected fungal infection (candida/yeast), you can undergo KOH and wet mount or culture to identify the fungus.  

If the bacterial infection is present then treatment with appropriate antibiotic is mandatory as it is quiet effective and reduces the duration of illness significantly and prevents further complication. Avoid those antibiotics if you are allergic to it like sulfa drugs, penicillin etc. A prior skin testing can be done and then can be given. If positive for candida it can be effectively treated by anti fungal. I suggest you to consult ENT specialist for further evaluation. Take care and regards.
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