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I am developing more allergies as time goes on?
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I am developing more allergies as time goes on?

Ever since 2010, i've been waking up every morning with swollen eyes because im allergic to dust mites, trees, grass, pollen, dust, and a whole bunch of unavoidable surroundings. T'il this day, i still wake up with swollen eyes every morning. Though they are not severe, they are still awful for a 16 year old.
When i first got my allergy testings, i wasn't really allergic to foods. it was mainly trees, mold,pollen and stuff like that in reference to nature. Recently, i have noticed that i have been getting reactions to certain foods now too. I used to never get reactions from cherries, big crabs, nuts, blueberries, and avocados. Now i am starting to get itchy throats, mouth, small rashes, and heart dropping feelings which i assume is associated with allergies.
So now, i believe i am suddenly starting to get allergic to foods as well. it is really depressing.
i have been taking allergy shots for 2 years now and they are helping a little bit, but i still have my swollen eyes. does any one know what this sudden allergic development to foods might be?
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Hi AliceCDino,

I just finished reading your comments. I have allergies too , so I sympathize.
I just read recently somewhere that it's important that if you have allergies,
it's important to keep your windows closed. So, for example, if you have
your windows opened in your bedroom, it's important to keep them closed.
As to why you've developed this sudden allergy to various foods, why don't
you ask your allergist ? Who gives you the allergy shot ? Your family
doctor? You could ask your family doctor is he or she knows ?
It's really important to try to keep your bedroom as dust free as possible
and you might consider getting a cover for your mattress for the dust
mites issue. Allergies are not pleasant, I know. I also used to get allergy
shots but I didn't find them useful at all and they were expensive and
weren't covered by my health insurance so I had to pay for them out
of pocket. You might consider getting retested by an allergist.
You could mention to your family doctor that you have noticed you're
getting what seems to be allergic reactions to certain foods and would
he or she give you a referral to an allergist so you can have an allergy
test. Then you'll know for sure what things , food included, you're allergic
too. Hope this helps . Eve

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