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ITCHY all night! Sleepwear for people with Sensitive skin (esp dermogra...
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ITCHY all night! Sleepwear for people with Sensitive skin (esp dermographia)

Hi, I've been wondering whether anyone has problems sleeping with due to a chronic conditions like dermographia or allergies/hives etc. I've had dermographia for five years. It's becoming manageable with Zyrtec but that doesn't always work. The catch 22 is that it makes me drowsy and for want of sleep - but doesn't always cure the itching!

I'm working on a project to design sleepwear for people with sensitive skin. I am hoping to hear of your own experiences and some answers to the following questions: What fabric you prefer to sleep in and what kind of sleepwear you avoid? What causes you the most problems/ itching/ hives ? E.g. seams, buttons, temperature change? Any suggestions?

Note: I'm allergic to dust- my condition is chronic and probably going to last my entire life. I would really love to hear from any suffers out there who may be able to offer advice and assistance on my project.
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I find Clariton works .mine comes then goes again it doesnt stay all night, I put an OTC hrydrcortisone cream on it .
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Hi, welcome to the forum. Delayed Pressure Urticaria presents as erythematous swelling of the skin that develops 4 to 6 hours after pressure has been applied to the area. It can be diagnosed by dermatographometers, if available (almost absolete). You need to avoid such activities which will trigger the event like  wearing tight clothing (affecting areas of constriction), sitting for prolonged periods of time on a hard surface (affecting the buttocks), an extended period of walking (affecting the soles and feet), or carrying heavy bags of groceries (affecting the palms and hands).

Anti-histaminic and/or Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist against prescription (may be added if not controlled by antihistamines) will help to relieve the symptoms. You can go for the long term therapy; side effects will not be matter of concern except for mild sedation and sometimes headache. I suggest you to consult a dermatologist for more info. Take care and regards.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are probably more and more people that have or will have similar issues to yours.
We live in precarious times. True and time tested wisdom is being replaced gradually with
new for profit and convenience type of untested wisdom!
The consequences will be dire, to say the least. If this forum gives us any indication-
with the huge volume of participating members- for what is going on with all sorts of
health issues and concerns and all the medications to treat an endless list of symptoms,
my guess would be that we're approaching a level of crisis in the very near future.

From a previous post of mine:
-Our body responds to frequencies or "codes". Once the threshold has been reached for a certain group of related substances - healthy or unhealthy  matters not- the code goes into immune response mode. It is held in memory within our energetic system that is the overriding field for information processing.
Usually the substance is not offensive in the short run. A cumulative effect takes place over time.
- In the digestive system when there is an imbalance of good to bad bacteria, histamine production - which is an important neurotransmitter- may grow out of control. As histamine takes part into so many functions in the body, all these functions can go wrong because of extra histamine in the blood stream. Allergic type of reactions, excessive body fluids, hormonal changes, emotional instability, name it any system, any part of the body can be affected. And this includes your largest organ of the body, the skin.

It is hard to pin point the exact cause in each case of allergy, however, I suspect  above possibilities a." Rain barrel effect" / threshold reached.
b. Gut dysbiosis (digestive issue)
to be concurrently the main factors.

-To remedy the first factor, the energetic field must get rebalanced.
( Energy medicine therapists can address this easily). Once rebalanced the allergy usually clears up provided that 2nd factor is cleared as well.
-To remedy the digestive issue: Use organic apple cider vinegar 1T before each meal for digestive support.
Take with meals prebiotics and probiotics ( variety of human strains at least 50 billion). Purchase the highest quality possible. This will improve the healthy flora ( that is by a large part the basis of the immune system)
Consume adequate fibre daily for regularity.
Drink plenty of filtered water away from meals.
Incorporate daily physical activity, walking, hiking etc.

(There is a third factor that I will not expand on at this time: Stress or
or as I prefer to call it: Emotional Distress.
Chronic emotional distress is a contributing or causative factor in more health conditions
than anyone can imagine! Check EFT - free basic manual download- for self help, in regards to simple and basic application.)

Check out "Allergy Antidotes", N.A.E.T. (Dr.Nambudripat's Allergy Elimination Techniques)
and B.E.A.M. Therapies. I've trained for "Allergy Antidotes" and I'm familiar with the other  two as well. Very effective and totally natural. They are Energy Medicine Therapies
and they work at a deeper and more fundamental level , than medications that only
manage  the symptoms.

Please do your own  thorough research, or check with your health care professional
before making any decisions about your health.

Should you have any questions about anything or to give update, please post again.

Blessings to all.

Organic natural fabrics, loose fitting and smooth might be the only way to go.
I support through Kiva, a  village co-operative in latin america that does that kind of work
in a small scale. ( I have no contact with this co-op, as all the details are entirely handled by kiva)
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