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Itchy red lip on mouth
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Itchy red lip on mouth

I had this problem where my lower lip swelled up, then oozed, and scabbed over( the scab was like dry discolored skin) and cracked later. I couldn't get rid of it for two months, the last month on an antibiotic prescribed by my doctor. It eventually went away, leaving sensitive and easily irritated skin below my lip. Then it started itching again, dry flaky skin under the lip, lip cracking and dry. I don't think it is bacterial because it keeps coming back, but not cold sores, no blisters; I don't think my doctor knows what it is. I work alot around a shop full of flying fiberglass dust, thought maybe I rubbed my lip with this dust on my hand and caused a reaction, but not really sure. just wondering if anybody might have a clue. PS the secong time around I was really stressed out, and it re-appeared, wondering if it triggered an outbreak? thank you for any advice  
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You could be having an allergic reaction to some substance to which you are either constantly exposed or to which you are being exposed again and again.

What other symptoms are you having? Let us also know if you ahve any past history of any allergic reaction or any family history of allergies, etc.

You could apply calamine lotion at the site and see if it helps. Use a lip balm with a sunscreen - preferably a medicated one and wash your face several times a day. Apply a layer of vaseline or keep your mouth covered with a wet cloth when at work and see if it helps.

If the lesions still persist talk to your doctor about it and see what needs to be done after a proper clinical examination.

Let us know if you have any other doubts or queries.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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