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Lip problems!
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Lip problems!

About three years ago, I developed an allergic reaction to lip balm. I had discovered 'YES TO CARROTS' about six months prior, and had used it religiously since I liked it so much. I had chapped, ugly lips ((the redness extending well past my lips and onto my face)) for over a year. I felt desperate, and that I looked awful.

It went away all of a sudden, and I was both relieved and mystified. Since then I've always been kinda careful around my lips; like if I put on a lot of costume makeup and have to take it off I don't scrub too much or put too much on to begin with. Around May of this year I got the problem again, but I purchased some Lasinoh lanolin to use, since I read that it helped a lot with the process of healing chapped lips. And it did; within a week I was back to normal once more.

I have a known allergy to sunscreen, the ingredient that's the culprit, however, I'm not sure of. Thinking this was the problem with my lip balm, I tried to avoid getting one that had any SPF in it. Just a few days ago I purchased the eos-brand lip balm in the sweet mint. I had researched their site and saw that the only flavor that had anything to do with sunscreen in it was the lemonade one. Pleased with myself that I could use this chapstick, I did. The next day I developed the same kind-of rash I'd gotten with the yes to carrots balm. Tiny white and red bumps similar to pimples but much smaller were just around the edge of my lips; not on my skin, but still on my lips. They don't hurt but they feel bumpy obviously, and when I touch them with my tongue they feel a little raw.

I don't know what I'm allergic to in lip balm, and I'm starting to feel that self-conscious 'i look awful people can see every single bump' feeling again. Has anyone else successfully combated this? Will the Lasinoh stuff help here? I've been taking benadryl to try and quell the allergic reaction, but it's not helping as fast as I'd like it to, obviously. ):

Please help!
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I have a VERY similar issue and no one has been able to help. I have been to a family doc, 2 dermatologists and an allergist.  They said it could be a form of acne..but that doesn't seem to be the is only ever on or around my lips...specifically if i use too much lip balm...or lip gloss. I also appear to have some sort of a reaction to SPF...but not sure which specific ingredient it is.  Currently, I only  use Aquafor...with the very few exceptions that I have put on lip gloss..for a wedding or something.  No one seems to know much about this or how to prevent it.  I did try to go without any lip products for about a month...but my lips were on constant fire and dry and cracked...I looked like a 90 year old woman who had been in the desert for months.  I look forward to any help which can be offered.
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