Neck Pain and Sinus Infection
by mgb4141, Oct 24, 2010
Has anyone had terrible neck pain while having a bad sinus infection? I have had a sinus infection since August that won't go away! I have been on very strong antibiotics and steroids. My neck pain is very bad and stops me from almost doing anything around the house. The pain is at the base of my head on the right side and radiates down to my neck and shoulder and last night down my arm. I have never had pain in my neck that has lasted so long. I even moan through the night trying to find a comfortable position. Could anyone tell me if the sinus infection and the neck pain be related. Thanks!
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by Dr RajputBlank, Oct 27, 2010
Hi, welcome to the forum, neck pain is unlikely to be related to sinus infection. Only if there is deep neck space infection then can be associated with neck pain. The neck pain needs to be evaluated with the help of radio imaging to detect any injury to cervical spine, Spinal cord and nerves, and Muscles. Common causes of neck pain can be due to injury, reduced synovial fluid in vertebral joints, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondilitis, meningitis, carrying heavy bags, incorrect posture etc

You need to undergo cervical spine CT, serological tests to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and as well as CSF analysis for appropriate diagnosis.

Finding the least stressful sleeping position can help to minimize back pain and neck pain during the night. Experimenting with sleeping positions that are comfortable for your back and neck can avoid creating new neck pain and back pain. Gentle massage with oil and hot compression will help.

I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
by Vickster01, Oct 29, 2010
Hi, do you feel dizzy? I have a middle ear infection at the moment and I too experienced bad neck pain and I think it was due to the fact that where my head was hurting and I felt so dizzy I was tensing and holding my head in a way that caused the neck pain - once I started to relax the neck pain went after a few days.
by stuffyinthesouth, Nov 22, 2010
My sinus dilemma (any advice appreciated)

I've never posted regarding my health before- but this forum seemed to contain a lot of stories similar to mine so I thought maybe someone can assist me...
I'm going to try make this as thorough as possible so I can receive the best feedback possible.
It isn't perfect, but I have edited it a few times for your convenience.


I am overall healthy, 180, 6'0” Male 28 years German/Polish/Slovak/Hungarian/American.  
I have fair skin and lots of freckles.  I sunburn easily.
I have had cold sores, Herpes 1 since birth.  I often get an outbreak at same time as sinus symptoms.
I had had minor TMJ issues since 18- no treatment.
I grew up in a household which smoked indoors and in cars 7- 15 yrs of age.
I smoked myself from age 16-21.
I have allergy, to many ragweeds(ENT said highest he's seen 8 on a 1-10 scale), also dustmites, etc.
I've been in a 3 rear end accidents and rolled one car ages 16, 17, 18, and 22 respectively.
I've had some head trauma, another child's teeth punctured my forehead at 10, fell out of a tree onto my head at 12, and my forehead head hit windshield of car at 17.  I also hit my head on the side of a stage which required only staples.
I had migraines during college.  They would affect my vision to the point I needed to close all blinds and throw a cover over my head to stop the pain and seemed to be somehow stress related.

At 23 I had my first sinus infection ever... likely a coombination of a 60hr a week job and a mold problem existing in the 1922 home I lived in.  I did not know what it was and did not have health insurance at the time.  I was plagued for months by a cold(i thought) which would go away for a couple days and then return with a constant sore throat.  After reading lots of books and even an Otolaryngology text  I finally went to the Dr to get an anti-biotic which cleared this up.  I also went to an allergist and began doing allergy shots.  During the hurricane’s of 05 our refrigerator lost power and I don't know if it affected the allergy vials but when I took a dose it had an adverse inflaming affect and I stopped taking them at that point(after near 6 months treatment).  From here I went generally symptom free for sometime.

Then, at around age 25 I began again getting sinus infections chronically.  I couldn't bear the constancy of them and I took my ENT's suggestion for the most minimum available surgery of the frontal sinus.  After surgery I felt like a kid again.  However, almost one year after the surgery, symptoms and inflammation began to return.  When these returned I began doing more research.  And I decided to go on a near Vegan diet for almost 2 years which I believe helped.  I went off it because symptoms seems to be continuing regardless of the diet(which I was having some difficulty maintaining just due to the time invested in planning, etc).  

I currently sell auto insurance by phone, so I sit in a chair in front of a computer with a headset talking to maybe 20-40 people per day.  I am a top performer at work, in what I consider a very repetitious and stressfull job- wikipedia says call center employees usually burnout after 12-18 months.  I have been in this career 2 years.  The building has near 2000 people in and out per week and ventilation systems typical for a four story corporate building.  Outside of work I regularly do construction related work, install tile, landscaping, wood work, paint etc.

I live in a 1942 frame house with window unit air/heat in the living room only.  I had a mold test done from my bedroom which suggested no mold beyond what is typically found outdoors.  I live in Central Florida(lots of Oak and citrus).

Almost always when I have this sinus pressure it also comes with a lot of tension in the cerebellum, shoulders, and the area just at the base of my skull where the neck connects(i often massage the mastoid bone to decrease the pain).  It affects the sides of my head and I get a burning through my sinuses.  I sometimes get sharp pain near my hairline at left and right at times.  Even when I can breath well I often feel an aching in my nose.  I get incredible fatigue and randomly my teeth hurt.  Lately I even get cold sore outbreaks which accompany the sinus congestion.  Also it sometimes makes the inside of my ears hurt and/or itch.  In addition I get a temporary confusion/dizziness/loss of balance/bump into things etc.

I rarely have any cough or chest issues or sore throat unless I have a genuine cold which is maybe ten percent of the time I experience sinusitis.  The most recent bout has gone on since March 2010 and I have had along with it I get 6-10 sinus infections since then(I stopped allergy injections at this time because I was advised not to be stressing my system unduly).  Actually 2 weeks off from symptoms is the best I have had in the last 8 months.  Whether I take a 14 day antibiotic or a 20 day steroid(prednisone- which made me feel great except for the horrible chest pain side effect toward the end) the symptoms return within 1 week of stopping treatment.

Most of the time I am on a daily antihistamine fenofexadine, and a nasal spray steroid nasonex.  I do regular sinus rinses with salt water when neccesary 0-4 times daily.  (sometimes sinus rinses are extremely productive and other times nothing comes out after 4 times- I almost think more water goes in than comes out 25% of the time)  Similarly, sometimes I blow my nose and feel something is stuck but I dont have the force to blow it out... but depending on the angle of my head(usually from left to right it will be more or less productive.   Last night for instance I went to sleep with one nostril blocked and it was still blocked when I woke up.  As I was twisting my neck rolling over to get out of bed, all the inflammation seemes to release, a gob of infected snot rolled out of my nose thankfull, but then within 5 minutes the nostril was locked up tight again.  For the last several months I will often sleep with a humidifier.  When I feel stuffy,  I drink hot tea or take sudafed and sometimes benadryl.


My original surgery ENT after repeated visitis and MRIs told me I looked fine(through the scope up my nose) and did not need to return for AT LEAST(and he stressed this) 8 months.  I was so offended that I have not gone back since then- because truly the pain gets severe.

I went to a second ENT for another opinion who did a CT scan which he says showed inflammation totally blocking the sinus between my eyes. After a 20 day steroid which showed a large reduction in this inflammation suggested I am a candidate for a more thorough surgery.

I went to a third ENT who agreed with the second Drs recommendation (after he asked me and I told him the other docs opinion)

I tried a candida cleanse once which seemed to help some.  And I sometimes use the ear candles which relieves my ears some.  And I've also gone to a Vietnamese herbalist who put together a concoction which did help.  I can't afford ongoing medicine like this at $60 a week any better than I like other remedies...
by stuffyinthesouth, Nov 22, 2010
sorry i was trying to make my own post just before....  I also have neck pain associated with my sinus pain.  Perhaps it is stress related.  Are you under a lot of stress?
by hankster300, Jul 06, 2011
With all due respect, I think you are wrong.  You see I suffered the exact same condition,  I suddenly woke up with severe neck pain at the base of my skull radiating forward lasting at least 10 days and this turned into a sinus infection. I have read many threads with people experiencing the same condition.  Medical science doesn't know everything and it seems this is one of those cases.
by stella305, Apr 14, 2012
YES!  I've had severe neck pain which comes on with the onset of sinus pain.  I've had this for almost 2 months - went to the doctor 3 times, and taken 2 courses of Zithromax antibiotic which hasn't helped.  The doctor told me to come back in 2 weeks if it doesn't get better, and he will do a head X-ray.  So, this coming week, I plan on going back for further tests.
Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one.  I'm sure the two are connected because the neck pain doesn't start until the sinus headache comes on and vice-versa.  Hope this helps!
by kingdomgurl, May 06, 2014
I don't agree with you either. I am very observant to my body. I suffer from sinus/allergies and what a coincidence that here I am using sea salt water in both nasal this morning and at the same time experiencing neck pain all the way up to the side of my head. Now, this isnt the first time, its happened before. Please go do your homework.
by skycookiee, Aug 09, 2014
I also get severe neck and shoulder pain with my sinus problems and this has been happening to me my whole life. there has to be a reason and a connection between my sinus problems and my neck and shoulder pain.