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Painful/ red eyes - allergy?
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Painful/ red eyes - allergy?

I'll try to keep this as short as possible and won't bother you with all the details. But I would really apreciate some input/advice as I'm getting desperate.

Basicly: I'm 26 and since 3-4 months ago my eyes started to feel painful. I started having dry eyes, red eyes, ... It was a hell to go through the day as I spent most of it behind a computer (work).

Since then I have been to several optometrist and ophthalmologists. The first 3 I went to diagnosed an (bacterial) inflammination. I received different drops and gels but nothing really helped. My last ophthalmologist diagnosed it as an allergy. He proscribed me drops to use (altriabac) and I have been using it since a month now. I feel better although some days are worse than others (like today).

My initial thought was that it's a dust mite allergy as my eyes are always red in the morning and get better as the day goes by. I also feel a bit itchy whenever I lay down in bed. Since then I've had an allergy test (blood test) which was negative. But from what I heard this test is often wrong?

At this moment my eyelids are really red on the inner side. My skin is also very dark under my eye.

To summarise it:
- since I use altriabac drops(1x before I go to bed and 1x when I wake up) my eyes don't itch and hurt a lot less
- the allergy test was negative
- I have never had any allergy problems in my life and my skin looks normal (except for under my eyes)
- I spend a lot of time behind a computer screen (but this has been the case all my life)
- my bloodtest were "normal"

What else can I do? I don't think there's anything new I use and I don't use any cosmetic products (except for hairgel). I've also tried showering without soap/shampoo but this didn't change anything. This is really starting to drive me crazy as it's affecting my life severely and the worse thing is no one knows what it is (or the doctos are contradicting eachother).

Any input is more than apreciated.
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Are these your only symptoms ?
Here are a few things that I have also noticed (might not be relevant):

- I have it "too warm" very easely/rarely cold
- sometimes I have discharge in my anus. It's not that bad that my underwear gets dirty but it itches and when I wipe it it's yellow/brown
- I get really really windy sometimes
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