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Red & Dry Lip
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Red & Dry Lip

Dear Dr.

Docter...I want to ask something. I am 22 years old. Since I was in the elementary school I had allergy to lobster or shrimp..but time by time, I also had allergy to other seafood, such as crab, squit and etc...then recently I also had allergy to cold weather...But It is not always happenned. Sometimes I have it, but the other time I don't have it..Can you help me to solve the problem?? When I have allergy I always consume dextamine.....
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Since when are you having the symptoms? What is your age? Do you smoke?

You should consult an allergy specialist for your symptoms. Try to avoid substances to which you have documented allergies to. You should keep antihistamine medications at hand in case of a sudden flare up of symptoms.

Some causes of the symptoms you mention, could be lip biting, lip licking, Vit.B2 deficiency, smoking, overexposure to sun and ill fitting dentures. In extreme cases, this could be due to bacterial or fungal skin infection.

You need to drink plenty of water daily – around 1.5 – 3 litres per day and eat a balanced diet. Do not keep your lips dry; apply lip balm which contains sunscreen – preferably a medicated one.

If you have cracks at the corner of your mouth it indicates B2 deficiency in this case you need to take B2 supplements.

If the symptoms still persist, consult your skin specialist or dermatologist.

Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

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