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Red foods
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Red foods

Strawberries and watermelon make me itch, and things like red cough medicines make me feel very bad.  Lately I have been doing both even without these items.  What other foods contain the same type of natural red coloring as strawberries and watermelon?  I have been eating a small helping of fresh blueberries everyday.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Anthocyanins  are antioxidant flavonoids that give the pigmentation to various
colored vegetables and plants (from red to orange to purple to blue).
You may be reacting to a sub-type of these.
Anhtocyanins are used  (the extract) as  coloring agents . e.g : Red cough syrup.
That would explain the reaction to both.
There are hundreds of different types!

Some plants are genetically modified for higher Anthocyanin content,
so that may present some issues. Hard to tell - I haven't looked into any studies yet.

Do Dr. Coca's Pulse test (free download) and it will give you- with accuracy- any reactive substance  ingested. Even hidden or delayed reactions and allergies.
It takes a week but very excellent diagnostic tool!
Beats doing the  medical circuit!

If indeed allergic to certain substances, you may want to check out "holistic allergy elimination" in your area. That's one of the modalities I work with, using energy medicine, here in Canada.
Very efficient with good results.
Please post again for more details or to give update.


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Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms strongly suggestive of food allergy to pigmented fruits.

Determination of the food you are allergic to, is one of the challenges which you need to pass through. The common existing food allergens are Peanut flour, peanut butter, powdered egg white, Powdered/fresh milk Soy milk, soy flour Wheat breads, flour etc.  But as you are allergic to pigmented fruits, you may have to avoid other fruits like grapes, papaya, beet root etc.

As allergic reactions are IgE mediated, blood tests will show increase in these levels secondary to a food allergy. The problem with the food allergy testing is sometimes the amount of food they challenge with may be not sufficient to elicit any allergic reactions.

When such food is consumed in large quantities can elicit allergic reaction in the form of hives, redness of skin, itching etc. You need to note down such food also in your diary and avoid the intake in future.

I suggest you to consult skin specialist/ immunologist for further line of management. Take care and regards.
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