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Severe Itching

My husband suffers from severe head to toe body itching including in his ears and eyes. Although he has just been diagnosed with HCV, his doctors say they are perplexed by his severe itching. I found that itching is a symptom of HCV, however his doctors say his viral load is too low to warrant the amount of itching that he's going through. His body is now riddled with small round sores, however these seem to be caused from the itching and not the source of it. This has been going on since October 2005 and today is March 22, 2006. He has had a liver biopsy and his liver looks pretty good according to his doctors. They are now going to take another cat scan but this time they said it will be a pelvic cat scan. Why is this and what are they looking for? Why is the itching so bad? No prescriptions or otc meds, creams, lotions, etc. are working. We need help badly, this is killing the both of us.
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What is HVC? See my post under alleries. Hives, deep itching and bone pain.Please let us know what/anything you find out.
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I dont know what hvc is either but I posted above w/ my own symptoms.  Is his constant itching??  could it be neurologic??  keep us posted.
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HCV is Hepatitis C Virus. Although my husband was diagnosed with it in October of 2005, his many doctors say this is not the cause of his itching. After extensive testing and liver biopsies, his doctors have determined this is not the cause of his itching. He is scheduled to go to a dermatologist and a urologist for further testing. His itching is very mild while at work during the day and very severe when he gets home at night and gets worse as the night goes on. His body is now riddled with little round sores and of course many scratch marks. We have used everything on the market for this. Creams. lotions, oils, antihistamines, you name it. Nothing seems to help for any period of time.

As soon as I know more, I will tell you. Thanks for your input.

And to everyone else in hear. I hope you are all doing well in your treatment and I have you all in my prayers.
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I forgot to mention that even her ears and eyes itched. It took doctors over a year to figure out that it was Hodgkins. Hodgkins is hard to diagnose. Several doctors told her she had phnemonia and sent her home. She finally went to an emergency hospital where an Oncologist took another X-ray and told her she was not going anywhere. He knew what he was looking at. To confirm the Hodgkins she had a lung biopsy. Sometimes X-ray alone is not enough. And her blood aways came back fine. She went through so much suffering this last year and especially people looking at her like she was a drug addict with meth sores or like she was crazy. She even went to a conselor because she felt like she was going out of her mind with the itching and the conselor told her it was in her head and gave her antidepressants. Anyways good luck and keep on searching for that cause to the itching. There has to be a reason.
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My sister has had severe itching and sores from head to toe since April 2005. She has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease this April 10, 2006. Hodgkins symptoms include itching and sores. The doctors told her the itch will go away with 2 or 3 chemo treatments. She had her first chemo last week and already is feeling relief. She is so glad to finally have a diagnosis because the itching has really driven her mad. She can not wait until her next chemo. Pretty sad when someone is begging for more chemo.
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Please excuse my interruption in your day but I
must tell you my story how the pH Miracle saved me.  

I'm 42 years young today and at the age of 20 I
started breaking out in head to toe chronic hives and itching.  
I just had a baby and was given antibiotics, plus
I was catherized several times which I believe
introduced bacteria (acidity) into my body.

I suffered for many long years with no help.  

I took Seldane like candy.  I'm sure I mixed it
with erthromycin and grapefruit juice.  I'm grateful
that I'm not dead.  I managed to go into some sort
of remission after practically starving myself to

Everyone kept telling me that it was my nerves.  I
always felt like it was something inside my body
not my mind.  I desperately began seeking information
and learning as much as possible about allergies
and nutrition.

I had two more bouts with the chronic hives and the
3rd time I discovered the miracle, the pH Miracle.  

I went to a naturopathic doctor and through testing
they found that I was very high in citrobacter braakii,
and enterobacter cloacae with off the chart numbers.  
I was also very low in good bacteria.  My doctors
approach was to kill the bad bacteria using herbs like

I stayed patient, nothing happened.  I cleansed, I
detoxed, I did a rotation diet to determine if I
had food allergies.  Still nothing happened.  

I was skinny, weak, and covered in head to toe hives
with my lips swelling, my eyes swelling.  I was one
huge miserable mess.

My sister then gave me the book, The pH Miracle.  
I gobbled the information down and immediately began
following the plan.  I dedicated myself to a 100%
alkalized diet.  I did not know if I would survive
without meat but I did!  I felt stronger each day,
my skin became softer, my color came back, my mind
became clear, and the hives disappeared.  

I was healed!  

Not only did I go 100% alkaline but I replaced all
my good bacteria with a good quality probiotic.  
That was the magic that restored my health.

Now, I finally know the answer to why I used to break
out in hives, which I have a long history of since
infancy.  My dis-ease caused me to be extremely
chemical sensitive but now that my health is restored
my body can handle the acidic world bombarding me.  

I strive towards a naturally, organic lifestyle today
and I have Dr. Young to thank for bringing this
information to the public.  I will forever be grateful
for all of his hard work and perseverance.  

I have dreams to open up an organic cafe for Alkalinians!  
I'm not sure if the world is ready but I'm setting the
stage now.  Thank you for your letters and dedication.

Loyal Believer in pH Miracle Living,
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Hello,please excuse my English I will try to do my best.

I had severe itching non stop for three months.  I thought I was crazy! my family felt helpless. I decided to read about other peoples stories and have to say that after reading and learning how many people are going to get chemo treatments ~ I said NO WAY! I refuse to put my body through that .I did not do it when I had cancer so WHY now.God there has to be another way please help me.

God answered my prayers as always.

A friend from Church told me about Dr.Young.  He wrote this Ph Miracle book. VERY NICE Doctor. (humble) I did not know he designed the menu for our Astronauts. (very cool)  Anyway... sorry

He told me my body was old acidic and I needed to DRINK a lot of ALKALIZED water,eat a ALKALINE diet, SIT IN a SAUNA & go to the GYM to SWEAT IT ALL OUT. I said WHAT!!!

If I get wet or walkout in the florida moist heat I itch worse! but I realized that if I did not try this I would never get better. So I went for it! It was hell but by day 2 I was SO MUCH better. Thank you God and Dr. Young. I am now living a normal life again. It's even better.I have lost some weight and feel sexy again. I have 20 more pounds to go.

God's bonus to me... I really wanted to lose weight the healthy way. AND I have no cists. They went away with this diet. My prayer for you who are suffering. PLEASE try this. You WILL be better and you don't need to take drugs. Look at this as God gift to you because you will only spend money on food. You can do it. Go to his site

or yahoo search for a list of Alkalizing food's.

God bless you, Taty

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