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Sore Lips
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Sore Lips

Two weeks ago I had to give a report in front of a big audience and I was totally stressed out and nervous about it, the next day I woke up and had little blisters, maybe the size of a pin point on my lips. I couldn't see them really, but I could feel them. Then last night I had another really stressful stituation and the same thing happened. I woke up with these teeny, tiny blisters all over my lips. The hurt more then anything else. I have never had anything like this before. Do you think it could be hives? What can I do to soothe them?
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Nothing can be said with surety without having a look at the lip lesions. It could either be an insect bite or due to your biting them.

Some causes of the symptoms you mention, could be lip biting, lip licking, Vit.B2 deficiency, smoking, overexposure to sun and ill fitting dentures.

You need to drink plenty of water and also keep your lips well moisturized. Apply a medicated lip balm with a sunscreen to avoid damage due to the sun.

You could take oral antihistamine medications for a few days to control the itching and swelling.

If your lesions still persist, it would be best to see a skin specialist for a confirmed diagnosis and to rule out any other cause of the spot.

Are you allergic to any substances? What symptoms do you have other than the lip lesion? What is your age? Do you smoke?

Let us know if you have any other doubts and also about what the specialist advises.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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I'm 65 years old i don't smoke but i do use a hair color,and i brush my teeth with soft whiteining enamel tooth paste.and i rinse my mouth with scope.
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Also my wife of 45 years passed away last i have a new friend that keep me from being stress,now she quit me.could that be the problem.and what can i do.
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