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Titanium Implants (allergy prone) vs. Zirconium Implants
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Titanium Implants (allergy prone) vs. Zirconium Implants


First of all thank you ALL for positing here and for making your troubles regarding the titanium side effects heard. It takes time and courage for one to share these info and be kind enough to warn other people about the possible side effects of a titanium dental implant.

My question is: Do you know if a zirconium implant will be a better choice versus a Titanium implant or the damage of an implant is matter what material is it made of?

I am asking because I am researching this subject for months now and I KNOW, in Europe now (I was born there but had been living in North America for many many years) dentists use more and more the zirconium implants.

My main problem is making this decision of having...or not the titanium dental implants put in this December. I have already gotten my bone graft operation (done in E. Europe, by a great team of surgeons, the cost is a quarter of what would have cost me here). Now, I am healing from the bone grafting operation and I must go back for the titanium implants. The problem is...I MUST GET 11 (ELEVEN) IMPLANTS and I am absolutely torn if I should do it or not. I have just turned 35 years old and I have a small child to care for nd I dont want to have beautiful teeth at the expense of my...good health.

I tried to ease my doubts with a MELISA test but it takes forever to get in touch with someone there and this morning, after two months of trying in vain to get in touch with them, by phone or emails, I just made it to talk to someone over the phone and this lady-almost rudely-told me they do not have the MELISA test available in Canada, "try it in the USA" she said and then "bye"....she hang up the phone. I dont think I have time to research "someone in USA" who will order this test for me...or whatever the procedure is.

However, I am still debating whether should I get the 11 TITANIUM implants (they apparently are made by NOBEL Bio-Alpha I think is called and they are Titanium Grade 5-containing vanadium and aluminium beside titanium) or should I research a doctor who will use zirconium implants?? Or dental implants could cause severe side effects no matter what the material they are made of?

I am torn with this decision... I am still young, I used to model until not long ago, I have a very public life and I need to somehow solve these dental issues as I hate the thought of getting dentures at this age.

I have only the 6 front teeth and wisdom teeth REAL in my mouth, up and down on my jaw, everything else was covered by bridges which failed recently  because the teeth underneath supporting them went bad and they were extracted, I am now healing these as well. Hence the massive dental bone loss which I have hopefully managed to help by having these dental grafts already (and I might have to get also a sinus lifting).

If I am not getting implants, I cant get any bridges as they have no support at all and the dental bone will continue to dissapear. I am absolutely lost. Any advices or opinions would be greatly appreciate it. Thank you all very much for making your voices heard out there!

God bless you all and a great health I wish you all!
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Hello it's Maryann,
I've posted about 1-1/2 years ago about my implant and it had been removed.  Since then I have heard from about 25 people.  All indicating that they are tired, have headaches, face ache, body ache or tingling, and the list goes on and on. Seems their problems all started roughly 2 to 4 weeks after the implants.  Dentists kept saying "it is not the implant, since it
grew together with the bone and there is no infection"  WELL  all of these people including myself have had the implant out.  ALL so far have told me that they are doing much better, just about 100% as time went on and were able to resume their normal life!!!!  AMAZING.  I'm glad I was able to pass this info along and hope it helps many people.  Many have had the Melissa test, and it showed varying degrees(some even minute) of allergy to titanium and sometimes another metal also.   If you find the right doctor, the removal is 90% easier then having the implant put in.  do not go to someone who has not taken many out already.  As for putting another type in my mouth or bone grafting my dentist (Dr. Carassco) that removed it
was not about to add anything new to my system for now.  I wear a flipper type partial and life is wonderful.   Hope this helps some people out there that are in the same dilema we were in.   6102798499   Have a good day, with lots better ones to come.  
yes, there are people in the us for the melissa test.  get in touch with me and i will connect you with people that used them.  you really DO NOT want to go that titanium route.  Let's make sure you have all the info then you can make the decision that you feel works best for you.
Hi there, I just got 6 titanium dental implants on July 24th, 3 weeks later, I started itching all over my body, I have digestive problems, and many tests to rule out disease, today Ihave pins and needles, and the doctor tells me in 35 years he never had a bad reaction to implants.

I feel like I am going crazy and I am taking the Melisa test this week to find out if I am allergic to the titanium or the other metals.

I feel like I have been invaded in my own body.
Reading your post has helped me so much, I wish I could find out the doctor who took yours out, my doctor said it is hard to do.
I will have to have dentures, but knowing that I feel like me again will be well worth it.

If you could point me to a good dentist I would appreciate your helps.
you can text me at 6106088425  thanks so much
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