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To reduce the fat
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To reduce the fat


Recently i gone for complete health check, i got the below values in report. can you pls suggest me to reduce this. and goot health tips to fit.

My Age & Sex - 33 / Male

Triglycerides - 357
TC/HDL - 6.61
LDL/HDL - 3.59
VLDL - 71.36
IRON - 57.70
Bilirubin total - 0.34
Bilirubin Diecrt - 0.11
Bilirubin Diet - 0.24
SGOT - 42.20
SGPT - 49
GGT - 68.80
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Hi, welcome t the forum, your blood triglycerides levels are quiet high (hypertriglyceridemia). First thing you need to go for life style modifications which include reductions in dietary total and saturated fat, weight loss in overweight patients, aerobic exercise, and plant stanols/sterols. The treatment in the form of fibrates and omega 3 fatty acid against prescription are also quiet effective in lowering triglycerides. If these levels do not come down then even addition of other class of drugs like nicotinic acid can be considered only on prescription by a physician.

You need to take all the mentioned precautionary steps as you are at high risk for stroke and heart attack as compared to normal population. Don't worry, take the treatment properly and more important keep your mind relaxed. Do not take unnecessary anxiety. Spend some time in exercise and take low fat diet. Take care and regards.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Omega 3 supplementation for both Triglycerides level reduction and LDL/HDL ratio lowered.
Only from cold water small fish - sardines and anchovies- of highest quality possible.

Avoidance of simple carbohydrates-sugars and alcohol  as they result- when consumed - in large increases of blood plasma triglycerides. Fat intake is not a big factor as 80% of total cholesterol is produced in the liver. Dietary changes do not affect this.
That is why  the cholesterol factor is being seriously re-examined by health authorities.

A much greater danger-regarding cardiovascular disease is chronic inflammation.
Inflammation of the arteries will result in atherosclerosis. Supplementing daily with quality Antioxidants will offer protection.
Elimination of all cooking oils is highly recommended, as they are not stable chemically
in medium to high heats. The result is free radicals, oxidation and eventually inflammation.
And Chronic inflammation leads to  various serious diseases.

The only oils safe for cooking are the medium chain fatty acids. Coconut oil is one of those and the most widely used. The saturated fat myth has been brought to light.
The propaganda in the 80s was designed to protect and increase the sales of canola,
soy, peanut and corn oils ( most of them are  genetically modified!)
Please do research all the health benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recommended fresh over salads or greens.

Weight loss ( if overweight) and fitness are recommended as well.

De-stressing and emotional balance - search EFT-emotional freedom techniques-
and download free basic manual- Simple,free and fast results usually.

Post again if you need more information

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