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Vinyl/plastic allergy
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Vinyl/plastic allergy

I have been trying to figure out my allergy for almost the past year.  In the Spring I began to get hives/welts and little red dots that would appear on my skin of my arms and legs that were exposed.  I recently had adopted 2 kittens, so I thought maybe it was flea bites, but it was not.  The hives and welts kept coming and were getting worse.  I started to see an allergist and had the skin and patch testing done.  It did prove that I was allergic to dust, pollen, molds etc, dogs and cats.  I have lived with dogs and cats my whole life and when I am around them I do not break out.  I did begin to notice that if I carried a plastic grocerry around my wrist I would develop a rash which would turn into welts.  I tried antihistamines and they did not solve the problem. The only meds that seem to alleviate the itch and hives are prednisone and benadryl- which I cannot live on.  So I started allergy shots but still felt as if I did not really find my true allergy.  It actually was getting somewhat worse, and I see that I do get the hives whenever I carry groccery bags, used vinyl gloves for CPR class and had a ring around my wrist, my car seats are vinyl and the welts would appear on my legs, and just last weekend was in a golf cart and the hives appeared on the skin exposed to the vinyl seats.  My question is how do I verify this allergy- is there a test- and how do I treat it???
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Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms are suggestive of irritant dermatitis. It seems secondary to the certain things you are exposed to (plastics, vinyl etc).

Firstly, you need to get investigated for possibility of allergen by skin allergy testing. Here they introduce minute amount of plastic and vinyl in the skin and see for any reaction and along with that blood should be investigated for antibodies against the test substances.

- Identify all the possible allergen and maintain a diary.
- Avoid exposure to allergen like plastics and vinyl, in your case.
- Low potency topical glucocorticoids and oral anti histaminic against prescription can be helpful, during the reaction.

I suggest you to consult dermatologist. Take care and regards.

Welcome to the forum.

The constant exposure to thousands of chemicals, toxins and poisons in our everyday life,
has created havoc  in our society. Add to that "industrial" food consumption, loaded with artificial and synthetic ingredients along with many genetically engineered or modified "natural" ingredients and there you have it : An  Allergies Epidemic of unprecedented proportions!
Millions of people are exceeding their threshold (the "Rain Barrel" effect) every year!
And when this happens they become reactive to various substances, including ones that presented no problems- whatsoever- in the past.

Of course this type of situation - like yours- often disrupts life beyond the level of just  experiencing distress, with  very serious symptoms ( as you posted)

As one my main modalities is  Holistic Allergy Elimination, I will offer the following suggestions :
1. Invest time in researching this part of the forum. There's tons of contributions and ideas.
Example: I have posted information on Dec.27, 2010 to mariyamari regarding the "spinal release procedure" for allergy elimination. Click on my name and check my other posts on allergies.

2. Consider going greener, organic and   natural ( as much as possible) with everything in your life! Our bodies do not recognize nor enjoy synthetic and artificial materials and foods.

3. Stress is a very under-estimated factor in physical, mental and emotional disease.
Theres' a strong emotional component in various allergies and asthma.
  In many of my posts I address  this and offer suggestions.

   Please post again, should you have any questions.

OMG I thought I was the only one with this!  It actually happens to me with grocery bags, gloves and cardboard boxes.  It is so horrible...topical benedryl works but I cannot do that for the rest of my life....Maybe I can give up food shopping....hehe.
wow, I suffer from the same problems with the shopping bags, ziploc bags, garbage bags, seems like anything plastic I touch hates me. and along with that, carpet cleaner, hay, grass, I'm not sure what it was but something in the strap of my bra...that one was bad, laytex. I'm cursed.
Hi trday.

This is an old thread and macaroni only posted once over 4 years ago!
Chances are that macaroni won't respond.

Anyway,since I'm still around, since I see it as a frequency play, the only suggestion I have is to consider an "Allergy Antidotes" or N.A.E.T trained Doctor or Health Practitioner to help you clear this allergy or allergies.

You're not...cursed. You may just need...a tune-up, lol!
I know it's no laughing matter and in no way I intend to belittle your condition and your suffering.
Let me know if you need any more details.

Best wishes.
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